And so the fallout from the Vikings’ loss begins…

Typical, you compose a 1000 word opening post, and then find a whole smorgasboard of other material to throw in there, here’s the best of the fallout from last night… just try to stay positive Purple Nation.

Check out Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard links today, including the Paul Allen radio call of Favre’s interception. I must say that we really don’t have anyone quite like the legendary PA over here in England. I love listening to this guy and the way he calls games. In fact I can even invision a sketch involving daily fails, with Paul Allen turning up and yelling “and it is…. NO GOOD” But seriously, he doesn’t sound best pleased with our #4…

But for how long will he be our #4? Not long according to Fox’s Jay Glazer. Well it looks like *cue Brian Fantana* “Favre Watch” is starting already, mind you I’m not going to take the word of someone who works in close proximity to Troy “look what they did to my precious Tony Romo” Aikman too seriously.

Nor am I going to listen to the Stupid SOB who puts the Stupid SOB into Stupid SOB (NBC’s Rodney Harrison), who said Favre should just go, and that it was destiny that the Saints won.

Having just chatted with my future Father-In-Law, destiny had nothing to do with it, more the NFL’s wish to have a fairytale with N’Orleans rather than the old man.

If this is a sign of things to come, it’s going to be a rocky off-season… bring it awwnnnn! You just gotta keep the faith, like this guy

Oh and spare a thought (as possibly a couple of punnets of grapes) for Cedric Griffin, who is going to be having a very quiet spring/summer thanks to a suspected torn ACL and possibly MCL too! It just gets better and better doesn’t it?


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