Paul Allen on the overtime loss and the future of Brett Favre

The Vikings’ legendary radio announcer, Paul Allen was on 670 The Score in Chicago earlier today.
Fuming from the overtime loss to the Saints, he still couldn’t believe Favre attempted a pass play, he thought Favre should have showed faith in his friend Ryan Longwell to make the big kick when it counted, rather than attempting to make a big gain so late in the game. Longwell, he said was his MVP for the team this season.
He also commented that he’d love to see Favre back next season despite everything, but he would like to see the owners and coaches sit down with the #4 to set some conditions, particularly after the apparent insubordination following the Panthers game. He also said that he doesn’t want to wait too long for Favre to make the decision on his future with the purple, because it could really damage the team…
And our chances of signing Donovan McNabb from the Eagles. Allen sees McNabb as a potential successor to the silver fox, he’s certainly the preferred option over Tavaris and Sage, and could be gotten from Philly.

Sorry, listened to the interview live, and no sign of 670 uploading it at the moment, so you’ll just have to take my word for it about what PA said.

Oh and if you missed it, here’s Allen’s call of Favre’s interception on Sunday. It’s painful…


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