Tuesday morning, and it looks like the Bores missed a trick…

Just like my bus to work this morning, Vikings news is very, very slow at the moment. But ask and ye shall receive, so here is the best of what’s on offer from the Purple world today:

The Chicago Bores have turned down the opportunity to sign our QB coach Kevin Rogers, opting instead for Mike Martz as their offensive co-ordinator. What this means for us, is that we should now have all the same coaches back for the 2010 season, and whilst there have been some complaints about the way certain areas of the team have played (particularly our secondary and O-Line), by keeping our coaching staff, we are hopefully keeping the spirit of last year’s team together.

On The Viking Age blog today, there’s a good article in their series on how to improve the team for next year. The O-Line is the subject of scrutiny today, and it’s hard to disagree with much of what is said.

There are obvious dilemmas in this area, particularly the furore surrounding Bryant McKinnie. Let’s be honest, he has acted like a total plank this past week, and whilst I feel the Pro Bowl is a total waste of time, McKinnie is senior enough to know better, and should have just pulled out rather than acting like a 16 year old with a fake ID. And there are many Vikings fans who are a lot more pissed off with him than I am (See Vikings Gab and PJD *parental advisory, particularly for PJD), but the fact remains that we don’t have many other options in his position, so if the Vikes do stick with him we shouldn’t act surprised. On his twitter, McKinnie says that he’s going to be stronger as a result of all the “haters”, hopefully he’ll also be a little wiser.

But the Vikings aren’t all in the Boo Box this week. In fact 2 of our current roster, and 2 former playersannounced to the NFL’s all-decade team. #93 Pat Williams and #76 Steve Hutchinson, along with Randy Moss and Darren Sharper. Huzzah!

Percy Harvin is up for NFL’s Rookie of the Year, so if you haven’t voted yet, do it now! And if you have, do it again. Percy was immense for us this season, and should be honored!

And that’s it for today. Nothing left to do but get comfortable for another edition of FAVRE WATCH

And…. well, nothing is actually happening at the moment. It’s so quiet that all I can do is point you in the direction of the poll I’m running, on the subject of what you want more this offseason, the QB situation resolved or a new stadium confirmed. We’ve had a fair few votes already, but I want to give it a few more days, and then I’ll report on the findings.

Hey, at least I’m being honest that there’s nothing. If this were happening in England, Sky Sports News would have their copter circling the Silver Fox 24/7, and they’d employ forensics teams to dissect his left over KFC buckets to determine his mood based on whether he ate the skins or not…



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