My Top Ten Moments of the Vikings’ 2009 Season #10 – And no news is no news

Well it’s the Saturday before the Super Bowl, and I couldn’t give a toss about it. My prediction for the game? Colts 54 – Saints shouldn’t even be there… Oh yes, it’s still raw, I’m still bitter! Now due to the fact that there is little or no news to report on today, I’m going to bash out a quick FAVRE WATCH, and then give you something a little different from my usual news roundup.

And that’s it for Favre watch… yeah it’s THAT slow this morning!

Now I don’t know many Vikings’ fans in London, probably because there aren’t that many. But the ones I have spoken to, like me are not over the Saints game, and I don’t think we will get over it for some time. Over the coming months (perhaps even years) the pain should fade away and simply be replaced by a bitter taste in the mouth. But short term, I think we all need reminders that we support the greatest team in the NFL.

This is why, over the next 10 weeks, I’m going to run down my top 10 moments from this season past. You can feel free to disagree with my choices and the order they go in, but hopefully they will all bring back some great memories, and fill your hearts with Purple Pride.

So here it is, number 10:

Adrian Peterson in Week 1 @ Cleveland

The start of the 2009 season was  filled with optimism. We’d signed the former talisman of our greatest foe, and he was said to be the missing piece in our puzzle. The team who could dominate on D, and run any team ragged could now pass too, and so in week one as we made our way over to Cleveland to take on the somewhat useless Cleveland Browns, the eyes of the world were fixed on one man. And whislt they were wondering whether the old man still had it, another man on the field that day showed everyone why you should never ignore him, ever, period!

The game certainly didn’t start how we’d intended it to. Tied 3-3 at the quarter, a one yard TD from Peterson didn’t prevent us going in 10-13 behind at the half. But All Day added another score in the 3rd, another 1 yard run, and was closing in on another 100 yard game. But all this came as no surprise for Vikings’ fans, and when Favre connected with Percy Harvin on a 6 yarder it seemed like the headline writers had their story in the bag… then this happened:

A 64 yard touchdown, the likes of which you’d be luck to see once in a lifetime. Peterson took a handoff from Favre, and ran to his left, and suddenly was past the 1st down marker to the 50 yard line, where he juked left, and left a defender for dead, and then ran on, but suddenly cornerback Brandon McDonald grabbed hold of Adrian’s ankle, and another cornerback, Eric Wright was closing in. Peterson was going out of bounds, no way he was getting out of this one… But if AP has one thing going for him, it’s his Purple Jesus Super Mega Powers, and before anyone knew what had happened, his legs were free and he’d shrugged off Wright like he wasn’t there. Finally back up to speed, and with a timely shove on McDonald by Sidney Rice, Peterson was in the end zone, and I was speechless!

This moment was special for so many reasons. First of all, AP’s fantasy score was off the charts and got me a win in week one. Secondly it showed Brett Favre that he wasn’t going to have to take on the whole weight of expectation from the Vikings’ faithful, which made him all the more lethal as the season went on. And last of all, it was a thing of pure footballing beauty; athleticism, speed, and strength, it was just stunning.

Peterson may have fumbled the team out of the Super Bowl, but this was a moment of brilliance, and should give us hope because if he can fix his carrying, then he should be able to then concentrate on ripping defences apart like he did against Cleveland in Week 1.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone! Fingers crossed for John Randle and Cris Carter who are still in the mix for the NFL Hall of Fame. Back at full news strength tomorrow.


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