Wednesday Wilderness, the offseason speculation begins

Good morning Purple Nation! Well, we are most definitely into the long and lonesome offseason, with major news outlets starting to spew out their early predictions on next season. So far it looks like we are going to sack the entire team, re-hire them, trade half of them for Randy Moss, then trade Randy Moss for all 32 picks in round 1 of the draft, then give away Tim Tebow to Dallas, Ndkammonnkkgggffttwwqq “The Consonant King” Suh will end up at the Rams through pure goodwill, and then following a couple more crafty trades, we’ll have the same old team back, minus Chester Taylor who had a change of heart and took up Curling.

Phew! Now that’s out of the way, I’ll move onto what’s really being said:

Joseph Oberle on the Minnesota Vikings Examiner has a nice and easy to digest summary of the key issues facing every position during the offseason. He also states, as many already have, that our season was not a failure, and that we can build on it for next year. And of course, whatever happens in the next 7 months will be very fun to watch, so brace yourselves folks!

If you want something a little more meaty in term of analysis of the team, look no further than Vikings Gab, who are running a great series of articles on each and every position on the team.

They’ve also served up a couple of recent gems, including this classic picture from the Super Bowl, and a great analysis of Charley Walters‘ article yesterday concerning a deadline for Favre! I guess they don’t like him that much…

On Bleacher Report today, we have one of many Mock Drafts which are going to start popping up on a regular basis over the coming months. The key to this one is the addion of defensive players. I can’t argue with the need for a new CB, though a quality, strong player on the O-Line would also be nice to protect whoever is under centre next year. They also suggest that we need to take a QB in the first 4 rounds regardless of the Brett situation. Again, hard to disagree, after cutting John David Booty last year a fresh face is necessary. Defence, especially in the air was a real problem last season too, so some young blood to challenge the starters can only be a good thing, especially when the offense is so explosive.

Except that is, for Adrian Peterson. After disappointing numbers in ’09 (though still very good), every man and his dog has come out with suggestions on how he can improve. Most of it centres around ball protection, but Dave Smith on Bleacher Report has a more original idea which would see All Day going back to his playing roots, and actually being less patient. I must say that I quite like this idea. Peterson playing off instincts rather than being patient as he has been told the past couple of years is a risky tactic, but such is his talent that it could well work in his favour. But whatever AP decides to do with regards his approach to running the ball, protecting the damn thing must be numero-uno on his to-do list.

Right, that’s your lot for today! Except of course for your usual, but slightly lacking FAVRE WATCH!

Tyrell Jenkins reckons that another year of the Silver Fox would all but prevent Peyton Manning from breaking Brett’s main NFL records (the int record is probably already safe though…)

So come on Brett, come back! Do it for Peyton! Do it for the children!


One Response to “Wednesday Wilderness, the offseason speculation begins”

  1. Slamdunk Says:

    It will be interesting–I can’t see Brett leaving on such a bad note.

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