Top Ten Vikings’ Moments of 2009 #9 – Pants on the Ground

Good morning Nation!

As per last week, my Saturday roundup is a brief one, but will be followed by my #9 moment of last season, so sit back and enjoy…

Our DE, Ray Edwards, on KFAN yesterday explained to Paul Allen that he didn’t see all those hits on Brett Favre during the Saints game, if he had, he would have done something about it. Now I’m a bit baffled why he wasn’t watching the offence, but maybe that’s football, I don’t know.

Also, further to yesterday’s news on Antoine Winfield’s injury, it looks like Cedric Griffin is going to be out for around 6 months, which should see him back in time for the new season, hopefully he’ll be match fit and ready to roll by then…

And there’s no FAVRE WATCH today I’m afraid, because there is simply no news about the Old Man today. So here is my #9 moment of 2009…

The win over Dallas in the NFC Playoff game was magnificent, and that will be revisited later in this countdown. But from this game came a moment which I’m sure I will call on for some time if I ever need cheering up during the offseason…

Genius! Pure genius! In this simple moment, the spirit of the team burned brighter than it had done in the three years that I’ve followed the Vikings. If Favre never returns to the Vikings’ I think I will remember this just as long as I’ll remember his interception against the Saints. This moment showed how far the team had come and how strong they were as a unit.

It was hilarious too, a 40 year old acting like he was 14, breaking into a terrible rendition of General Larry Platt’s “Pants on the Ground” which had only appeared on American Idol a week previously, and if that wasn’t enough, to take attention away from his embarrassment, Favre landed an almighty butt-slap on Jared Allen who screamed in pain.

This was a team who were loving their football, who loved each other, and who should have been in and won Super Bowl 44. And whilst we don’t have that memory, at least Pants on the Ground will remind us of a team who genuinely believed they could.


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