Sunday Vikings’ News. Favre’s ego, and the Rick Spielman special + My Top 10 Vikings’ Moments of 2009 #8 Jared Allen

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

And to celebrate the day of love, I’m serving up a healthy dose of news, Favre Watch, and the next in my series of Top 10 moments from last year.

And we kick off today with… FAVRE WATCH and an article by Patric Reusse, which states Favre will be coming back because of his ego. Cynical perhaps, but it should bring some hope for next season too. To be honest I don’t care if Favre comes out and says I’m only here for the money now, he will bring so much to the team once again if he returns, and is such an upgrade on what we already have.

Rick Spielman, who is taking over the post today says that “We’ll let [Brett Favre] decide what he wants to do. We’d love to have him back for another year so we can make another run at this,” Pretty much everyone at Vikings’ HQ is taking this road with Favre’s future, giving him space and letting him decide, and when the public are doing all the pleading for Favre’s return it really is the best way forward in making sure Favre doesn’t feel under pressure from his potential future employers.

In other news, apparently the Vikings are going to try and resign Chester Taylor. Hopefully they’ll be successful in that respect. Rick Spielman (VP of Player Personnel), said of Taylor; “He’s like the unsung hero of the offense.” And he’s right there, Taylor is our go-to guy on 3rd downs and can usually be counted on to make the key plays. Losing his, as has been said before would be a big loss for the team.

Spielman was also confident that Pat Williams will also make a return to the team next year despite saying he was 50/50 to retire during the offseason. Like Taylor, big baaad Pat is an integral part of the team, he may be no spring chicken, but he is a rock in the heart of the defence. Maybe we also need some billboards for CT and PW???

My number 8 isn’t so much a moment as it is a tribute to the biggest personality on the team. Jared “Mullet Mullitia” Allen.

Now hopefully you’ve already seen my collection of Jared’s greatest moments, but if you haven’t please do take another look, because it’s fantastic to see a guy who is unashamed to be himself, a proper, gunslinging, hunting, mullet wearing badass!

Every game at the Metrodome, Allen is out there, getting the crowd on their feet and screaming their hearts out. He gets everyone fired up, he winds up the opposition, and he loves what he does. And when he gets his sack, out comes the calf roping celebration. It’s hard not to love him!

Unless of course you are Aaron Rodgers. In our 2 games against Green Bay last season, Jared pwnd him, and then some. It was a joy to behold, and was one of the main reasons we torched them twice in the season.

His had a great season, but he also was a major factor in the spirit of the team, and that made following the Vikes last year even more exciting and fulfilling. And whilst he didn’t get the job done in the Superdome, we all know he’ll be back next season, striking fear into any O-Line that’s unlucky enough to line up opposite him.

Jared Allen, and your Kentucky Waterfall, we salute you.


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