Mundane Monday – EJ’s Leg, Disappointing Bryant, and Favre Watch is too honest…

Top of the morning to all you Vikings’ fans our there wherever you may be. It’s a very quiet Monday morning it must be said with very little news out there to nourish us. The Rick Spielman quotes which were fresh yesterday, are already starting to smell like the dodgy sushi which made me very ill last week.

But the show must go on, and there is still a smattering of news out there which must be brought to the masses…  Aside from the obvious statements of intent to keep key players. Rick Spielman also touched on the recovery of MLB E.J. Henderson, who broke his leg against Arizona last year. The news is generally very good. E.J. has been at Winter Park, working as hard as possible to be in perfect shape for  when he is finally able to start training again in May. Whilst Jasper Brinkley filled in honourably at the end of the season, as a rookie he still needs some time to learn his position a bit more, and whilst game experience will be essential in his development, he also needs time to sit behind out starters when they are on top of their game. Fingers crossed that E.J. will be firing on all cylinders when the 2010 season starts, if his dedication to recovery is anything to go by, he should be raring to go.

Sorry to keep bringing this old hag of a story up, but there’s more mumbling about Bryant McKinnie. Again, Rick Spielman is at the centre of this, and he said that the Vikings were “disappointed” with him… Is that it? Looks like we’re going to be kept guessing as to the future of our rather dim witted OT. It’s certainly not a vote of confidence in the man though, which means this could well be a very diplomatic way of saying “On your bike son!” Much like the dreaded “Vote of Confidence” that soccer managers in the UK get about a week before they are given the boot. But who knows?

Do you think this is a clevery worded “Vote of Confidence” from Vikings’ management before they remove Big Mac? Either way, I will endeavour not to mention him again this year, at least until we cut the silly bugger, and let him join the Rams.

And finally to wrap up today’s post, it’s FAVRE WATCH. Only today there is nothing, zip, zilch, nadda, niente, nowt, bugger all!

So far I’m actually very surprised at the lack of tabloid interest in Favre. If this we’re happening in Blighty, there’d be at least 4 stories a week analysing every last movement of the Silver Fox. For example, Favre’s agent would be asked at a presser whether Favre liked KFC, if the answer was “Yes”, it would be reported that he was considering offers from the New York Giants because Tom Coughlin once dressed up as Col. Sanders at a Halloween ball. If the answer was “No”, the headlines would read that Favre is moments away from taking a 7 year contract with the Miami Heat because his agent sneezed after saying no and the reporter could have sworn that Mr Agent simultaneously mouthed “Brett’s always wanted to shoot hoops, and is also considering retiring somewhere warm where he can chill with Horatio.”

But alas there is none of this so far… Instead we are left to make up our own wonderous stories about what the Old Man will do, or just wait for tomorrow’s edition of Favre Watch…


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