Wednesday morning update…

Good morning you mighty Purple Army!

It’s a very manic morning for me, but not as a result of any Vikings’ news. To say it’s thin on the ground is something of a mahousive understatement, but have no fear, for instead of some healthy news, I’m just going to throw up some slightly fattier links for you, to various Vikings related yumminesses.

First up is a review of our 2009 Draft. All the players we picked up have been graded, no surprise to see top marks awarded to Percy, though perhaps they were a little kind to Phil Loadholt (I’d’ve given him a B). Overall though it’s a favourable review, though ‘d like to see what other fans think of our rooks, so feel free to pop a couple of comments on here and I’ll discuss them in upcoming posts.

For those of you looking to stay both organised and informed for the whole 7 months of the offseason, Vikings Gab have crafted a beautiful Offseason Tracker with just about every piece of information you’ll need. Ever.

Also worth checking out is their links of the week, some gems in there including the usual shenanigans of PJD.

And that’s the links in brief today. Sorry there’s not more… but at least there’s always Favre Watch

Bleacher Report today have a wonderful account of Favre’s 2010 offseason, with everything he is probably going to do right up until kickoff in September.

Until tomorrow… Skol!


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