He’s coming back for another year!!!

Good morrow to you, Purple Nation! It’s a foggy, damp morning here in London town today, but wait… what’s that over in the Mid-West??? A glimmer of sunshine cutting through the mist? Whispers, someone saying he’s coming back for another year… no, it’s too good to be true, this must be verified… I’ll ask the agent… “He’ll be playing next season” he says… well then, break out the champagne folks, cos he’s returning to terrorize the NFL once again.

Yes! Pat Williams will be wearing Purple in 2010. His agent yesterday said “Trust me, I know what Pat Williams is doing. Pat Williams is playing,” The news is about as big as the guy it concerns. Big Pat is a mountain of a man, and one half of our almost impenetrable Defensive Line. To have him back for another year is huge!

However, potentially adding a little sour note to the news today could be the impending ruling by Judge (and cartoonist) Gary Larson on the StarCaps Episode 2: Revenge of the Roid-rage saga which is incredibly still ongoing. For those of you who don’t know about this, the rough gist is that Pat and Kevin Williams in 2008 were handed a 4 game suspension for taking  StarCaps, a drug which contains a substance which can be used to mask steroid use. The problem was that this ingredient wasn’t listed on the list of StarCaps’ ingredients. Pat and Kev pleaded ignorance in the matter, but the NFL pressed on with suspension. In response, Pat and Kev managed to get a Minnesota judge to rule that under state law the NFL had no power to hand out the suspension (or something along those lines), and instead of missing the first 4 games of last season they were able to play. Now in 2010 the NFL are still looking to punish the Williams’, so this ruling is very important if they are to play 100% of the season. If they are suspended our D could take a real beating, especially against the run which we are usually so strong against.

Governor Tim Pawlenty has been talking more about  a new Minnesota Vikings’ stadium, and boy did he say a lot. The main points seem to be that the investment would see some quick returns, especially if we can host a Super Bowl like Dallas is next year. Plus if facilities are better, then we can sell more stuff, the state gets more revenue in taxes. Basically it makes sense financially, just not right now when money is so tight. He also recalled a conversation with Zygi Wilf where our owner said he would not move the team away from Minneapolis. The problem is that if this goes on much longer, he might not have a choice in the matter, or might be forced to sell it to someone who will.

And now, we cast our eyes over to the only remaining member of the Will He / Won’t He brigade… it’s FAVRE WATCH!!!

Just like yesterday, concrete news is non existant, but there is an interesting article on Vikings Gab about the joy of the Favre saga, but also how we might have to table a “Take-it-or-leave-it” deal to the Silver Fox, particularly when Donovan McNabb is a potential replacement with one year left on his Philly contract.


One Response to “He’s coming back for another year!!!”

  1. Slamdunk Says:

    Williams is underrated and a valuable cog in the defense against the run.

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