Friday morning roundup – The Williams’ might pick a fight with the NFL

Good morning to you all, people of the sovereign Viking nation. I don’t know exactly why, but I woke up feeling like a badger decided to jump up and down on my neck last night, and now it hurts to look up, down, left and right (no chance of pulling off a level select on Sonic for me then…).And apologies to anyone trying to access the site yesterday who couldn’t, don’t blame me, blame the router.

As expected, the news today centres on the immovable objects of the Williams’ vs the immovable objections of the NFL. Yesterday Judge Gary Larson ruled that the NFL’s 2008 drug tests broke Minnesota state law by not informing the #93 & 94 that they had failed them within three days. This now means that the Williams’ could collect damages from the NFL, but first they have to show that they are at least partially employed by the league. But if a court in Minnesota finds the Vikings to be the sole employer of the pair then they will be hit by the 4 game suspension (at least that’s how I understand it). Regardless, on March 8th they will be going to trial. The Williams’ camp will be trying to keep the pair playing at the start of the 2010 season as the issue of the 4 game suspension should be addressed, and the NFL will be trying not to look like fools. I’m not an expert in law and neither are a lot of other Vikings’ bloggers, which is why, thankfully, MilCardFan at The Daily Norseman contacted someone who did know what they were talking about, and got them to break it down into something a little more understandable.

Graham10, who wrote the explanation thinks that the NFL will win out in the end, and I have to agree with the guy even though I hope he’s wrong. It would be a real problem for the league to lose a precedent setting case like this, and they are sure to pour a lot of resources in to make sure they don’t lose. Of course if they win we will have to cope with the fact that for 25% of our games next season (which already look menacing on paper) we would be without our premier run stoppers.

Away from the legal side of Big Pat, Purple Jesus has a classic take on his return for 2010. I’m not going to spoil it, but trust me, it’s legendary.

Rick Spielman is at it again, this time talking about the bottomless pit of talent in this year’s Draft. Apparently it’s going to be impossible to pick a bad player even as low as 30th overall which is wonderful news, in fact I think I’m going go and party. But seriously, don’t big them up too much Ricky boy, cos if you end up picking the next Bryant McKinnie you are going to look like a damn fool. I know you are trying to reassure fans that we’re going to bring in some quality, but don’t go proclaiming that we could bring in the next prodigal son because we could just as easily end up with the next Jamarcus Russell by getting too cocky.

FAVRE WATCH!!1! This week brought to you by the good folks at Thompson’s Teeth

It seems that the Favre Billboard campaign has now copyrighted the “You Bretcha” phase as the name of the non-profit startup which will be raising money for the Deanna Favre’s Hope Foundation.

And “Pulled a Favre” is fast becoming a new phrase in US sport with Mark Mulder pulling one this week.

Alright, on your bikes. I’ll be back tomorrow with the next in my series of the Top 10 moments of 2009.


2 Responses to “Friday morning roundup – The Williams’ might pick a fight with the NFL”

  1. Slamdunk Says:

    Funny stuff with the Spielman comments. I am sure all the other teams are rushing to trade down to 30 since it is a can’t miss pool.

  2. GaryJ Says:

    It will be a shame if the big NFL bully wins this one. But if they are truely mn employees I think they might have a small part of the law on their side. I seem to remember that there is a law that prevents an employee from having pay withheld if they are taking a legal OTC substance, and are not breaking any laws. I guess we will find out. Excellent articles. Thanks.

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