My Top 10 Vikings’ Moments of 2009 #6 – Signing Brett Favre

Good morning fellow Vikes. It’s a very quiet Sunday indeed on the Purple front so instead of a news report, here’s another one in my series of Top 10 Moments from 2009. Today it’s a tribute to our controversial but equally legendary QB, Brett Favre.

Before September last year, pretty much every Vikings’ fan hated Brett Favre. Here was a man who handed the Peckers a Super Bowl, and many wins over our beloved team. He then retired, made more enemies by coming back for the Jets in what seemed like a publicity stunt and popularity/ego drive, before imploding and retiring again.

But when rumours started to surface that he was considering becoming a Viking, suddenly the Purple nation was split. Some still hated him, other saw the quality that he could bring to the team, the missing piece of our puzzle.

But the buzz was soon killed off when Favre said he was to remain retired. But it was all in fact, a smokescreen to slow the media circus down and give the Silver Fox some time to think about his future in peace. Then, seemingly out of the blue, it was announced that he had signed for the team. Favre said “I don’t know how I’ll feel a year from now, five years from now, but I didn’t want to say what if”.

I remember the day I found out he’d signed. Hope, immeasurable hope that this could be our year. My fiancée and I put a bet on the Vikes to win the Super Bowl, we bought tickets to fly across the Atlantic to see a game, it was incredible. From feeling like we had an outside chance, we knew we were serious contenders, and despite Favre’s cheesy history, it just somehow felt right to see the man in Purple.

What followed was an incredible ride. One that ended in heartbreak as we feared, but one which I wouldn’t swap for anything. Favre injected the team with incredible spirit and belief and had one of his best ever seasons.

It was a joy to behold, at least until the end, but for me at least, that end won’t be how I remember Favre. Instead I choose to remember the magic he brought to a team in need of a spark, and the season of hope he provided us fans.

Brett Favre, I salute you!


One Response to “My Top 10 Vikings’ Moments of 2009 #6 – Signing Brett Favre”

  1. Purple Charlie Says:

    Your right, It was a Great Season, And a fun one too, Sweeping the Packers and Beating the Cowboys was high on the list.

    I really hope he comes back for his 20th year!!! Have a gut feeling he will.

    I hope you get the chance to make the trip to the Superbowl this coming year.

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