Thursday Morning – Favre to go Primetime next week

Good morning Vikings’ fans (albeit a little late cos I wrote all this 5 hours ago and for some reason it didn’t post…). There are some mornings which just fail to inspire, and today is one of those mornings. I probably wasn’t helped by the incredibly drab headline on BBC Breakfast this morning over salt levels in soup! Yes you read that right, salt levels in soup. Salt in soup, over and over again in the news this morning, the banal duo of Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams droned on and on about soup… bugger me this country is boring sometimes…

Luckily however, we have a full-blooded, high caffeine, extra salty edition of FAVRE WATCH!

The main headline today is that the Old Man is going to be appearing on Jay Leno on March 4th! I doubt that any news will come on his future, in fact I doubt we’ll hear anything new at all. Leno will probably just trawl over old ground, the Saints game, playing the P*ckers, playing in Purple. Favre may have said that he won’t take long to make his mind up over his future after the NFC Championship game, but I think he’ll want to break the news on his own terms. It could still be an interesting interview, but I doubt that any bombshells will be dropped.

One subject that is almost certain to be brough up will be the amazing support Favre has had from his fans. The latest chapter in this story is that a newspaper ad has been taken out to run on Monday in the Hattiesburg American newspaper trying to convince the Silver Fox to make his return in Purple. Benjamin Nelms, 39, is the man responsible for the ad and said that he ” hope[s] that if he’s on the fence, this can be a piece of wind that pushes him back onto our side.” Hopefully he won’t land on his busted ankle when he does though…

And on that same link, there is an interview with the Star Tribune’s Sid Hartman, who says he strongly believes Favre will come back for another year having talked to some of Brett friends over the past couple of weeks.

On with other Vikings stories and there isn’t a great deal else going on. The Combine in Indy seems to be drawing most of the attention, so hopefully in the coming days we’ll be getting something of an idea of who our scouts are looking at for the Draft.

I’ll leave you in the capable hands of the Purple Jesus Diaries, and their take on a brand new Vikings comic called The Rube… I’m off to check salt levels in mouse mats. Skol!


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