Killing time…

Wowee, it’s a slow one today. With news of Monty quietening down already, and Tye Hill (thankfully apparently) signing for the Tits there really is nothing much to do at all apart from munch on cheesy doritos.

If you are just as bored as I then come and feat on my random links of the week, in no particular order:

Alien loves Predator – A cartoon following the exploits of the 2 best film nemeses, in a world where Will Smith is President. Let mild chuckling ensue.

Don’t Even Reply – Emails from an Asshole. I love this site. It is just genius, the one with concealed weaponry nearly made me wet myself. Just imagine someone with too much spare time responding to ads on craigslist.

Quote of the Week comes from South Park last week:

And why is it wearing a dress?

Song of the Week will mean little to anyone living outside the UK, but it’s a chuckle nonetheless. Just imagine if Fox News was a newspaper, and was aimed at 40+ white middle class people.

FAIL of the Week goes to this wonderful moment from BBC’s kids channel:

And that’s it, I’m going to bed…


Mocking the Mock and Montying Monty?!?

Just what is the point of Mock Drafts? Every time I read one I end up asking myself the same question. And after reading this one I just want to hit someone, probably JP Frederick with a big “Duh!” sign. The thing is that if you are the top team, pretty much everyone knows who you are going to pick, you pick the best player, whether it’s an unpronouncable DT or a possible franchise QB you take the best player in the position you need.  But beyond about the top 5 things get cloudy as teams begin to chop and change based on their opinions of certain players and weighing that up against what they need. This always happens, so why in bloody hell do analysts bother wasting their time predicting it and writing pointless articles pointing out what fans already know?

In the article I linked to it says that if Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford, a potential superstar, was still unpicked we’d grab him in place of tightening up the defence. Well of course we’ll grab someone that good if they are still available! But that’s like asking, if someone offered you free money would you take it? Trouble is that it ain’t gonna happen! And the mock draft offered up in the article is just a waste of space, as are pretty much all of them out there which either consist of a standard list, or a cookie cutter explanation of the choice, for example:

Rnd 1 – #30 – Vikings pick: Jeff Crapinthehead, CB from Dingletown. I like Jeff, he’s big, he’s got nice hair, he listens to Justin Beiber and his mom said to my sister’s friend’s dog that he really wanted to go to play basketball for the Wizards but the Vikings need a 6’7″ tall bloke to jump up and down and wave his hands cos Winfield’s leg fell off after McKinnie took him for a night out with some diseased transvestite donkey witch (SJP). But he might be picked higher up by the Raiders who might pick this other guy who looks like John Travolta.

If I really had some spare time on my hands, I’d get the list of all 7bn players in the draft this year, and put Ndkkkkaamaamamaoo, McCoy and Bradford at the top and then pick the rest out of a hat, and I’d probably get the same amount right as most mocks out there because you just can’t predict them. Look at Percy Harvin, I saw pages out there last year that had him going to the 49ers, and Colts, that’s #7 and #28! Yeah there were some other places who got it right, and fair play but I think time is much better spent analysing the needs of a team and coming out with a nice healthy list rather than making a mock for the whole bloody league.

Phew! Sorry if that didn’t make any sense whatsoever, I just needed to let off some steam. I also am going to try to concentrate on only reading draft talk from Viking sites rather than NFL-wide places to try and get a better idea of who is available to suit our needs. I know mocks can be entertaining, but I just don’t see the point, especially when they are openly pointless, playing about with the most unlikely situations in which a team is able to pick the second-second coming (the first is All-Day).

On the side of real news, we’ve signed that Montgomery chap. He’ll be there to back up Ray Edwards but as the Gab points out, he’s one of 4 defensive ends who’s 2010 will also be a contract year, should make things interesting at least.

We’re also looking at veteran corner, Tye Hill, who is due to make his mind up about either the Vikes or the Titans today. More experience in defence should be a good thing, I wonder if it also means we are going to be less active on defence in the draft now though… maybe I should make a mock draft to reflect this.

I’ll end today with a brief ode to FAVRE WATCH which has been a little quiet of late, and today is no exception. My link today is from an article on Vikings Update, in particular point 2. Ed Thompson things the Vikes and Favre should end their silly charade, man up, admit Farve is coming back, and just say that he isn’t going to be attending the opening training camps because they are about as useful as a football to the groin, “rather than hide behind what appears to be a poorly conceived charade that opens up integrity questions for everyone involved.” Hmmmmmm….. very interesting point. I think a lot of us out there would be very happy/relieved if you are right on this one.

Rocks, hard places and the Raiders

Since my last news related post in which I asked fans if they want McNabb if Favre called it a day (most of you do by the way), the situation has sort of/not really been turned on it’s metaphorical/literal/proverbial head(?). D-Mac came out and said that if he isn’t playing for Philly next year then he’d want to play for the Vikings, and at the same time the Raiders said that they are interested in Sage “Oh, so that’s what a snap looks like” Rosenfels. This has prompted the Vikings Nation to come out in full force airing their views on what these  stories could mean for the team, and more importantly how they feel about them.

Let’s deal with MaccyD first, because he is certainly the bigger of the two stories. The crux of a potential trade for McNabb of course centres around the future of Brett Favre, like Mr Potter and Voldemort, one cannot live while the other survives, in other words we can’t have both of them. Of course who is Harry and who is He Who Must Not Be Named (sorry, I watched some of the Half Blood Prince on the plane last week to send me to sleep) depends on how you view the respective Quarterbacks. PJD of course sees Brett as the the Devil incarnate, and wishes that we’d just ditch Foxy, save a few bob, and have a 5-6 year starter at QB, rather than missing the opportunity and only have to address this situation again next year.

Part of me does agree with PJ, we are in a corner with Brett, and I’m not convinced that if Brett is back in 2010 that the magic will be quite the same, but neither am I convinced with McNabb. He’s certainly taken Philly places, but is he really an upgrade on Brett or just Tavaris Jackson only not completely shite? Of course long term he is the better option, but we never brought Brett in to be a long term fix did we? If only Brett would announce what his plans are, that way we can move forward, but as it stands he almost certainly knows and we don’t. This whole McNabb situation really has hit home what a lot of us have been worried about since Brett said he would take his time and Chilly et al said they’d let him do it; what if an equally good offer comes along? We are now left with three options as I see it:

1) Screw Brett, take McNabb

2) Wait on Brett, hope McNabb remains available just in case

3) Lose Brett after waiting 3 more months, McNabb, fed up waiting, signs with the Bengals.

Being a pretty unscarred Vikings fan, I’m going to put my trust in the coach and hope he knows what is really going on, but I understand that a lot of you out there are a lot more wary, there are 2 win situations and 1 lose as I see it, but that 1 lose is just as likely as the 2 wins if not more so, but in Chilly I Trust (just as long as he grows his beard back).

The situation with Sage is a lot more straightforward as pointed out by the Gab. Have a read, and you’ll see why.

The only other news worth item today is that we are meant to be meeting with former P*cker, DE Mike Montgomery. Looks alright on paper, not sure about taking on another former P*cker but needs must…

Have a good one people. Skol

My Top 10 Moments of 2009 – #2 Spanking them Cowboys

There is just something about the Cowboys which I find hilarious. Maybe it’s just the fact that they’re shite, maybe it’s their jug eared gimp of a quarterback, maybe it’s the fact that they are the FAIL Whale of the NFL. Whatever it is, I get a giddy joy when this lot fall on their asses. But in the run up to our Divisional Playoff game against them, some of my cockiness was beginning to wane. The Cowgirls had finally won a playoff game and suddenly the whole NFL news network was harping on about one QB (Favre) passing the torch onto the new boy wonder who’d got the monkey off his back (how many times did you hear that in the build-up to the game?).

We were at home but we’d been written off. The Cowmoobs were “America’s Team” with a new shiny stadium, and all they had to do was beat the lowly Vikes who were meant to have lost momentum after a bye, to take over the world. But there was something everyone who wasn’t a Viking seemed to forget, they had to play us in Zygihood, the Metrodome, the most hostile environment in the NFL, with the greatest fans in the world.

From the kick-off, we destroyed them. They didn’t score one touchdown, we scored 4. 3 from Sidney Rice, one from the Shank, all absolute peaches, everyone had me giggling like a schoolgirl, and I was dancing around the room when we went for it on 4th down to run up the score. They moaned like bitches but the fact was that we were just so much better and they could do nothing to stop us. Ray Edwards had a career game, JA and the rest of the D-Line got in on the act too, in fact the whole team really stood up and kicked ass.

From epic nervousness brought about by delusional journalists, I was in heaven, we played like champions and it confirmed what I already believed, we were the best team in the NFL and could go all the way.

Hey, it’s a shame we didn’t, it’s a damn shame that our season ended the way it did, but at least we whooped them Cowboys, and they left the office with their pants on the ground.

Play it safe, and mind the beard!

Good morning to you all Purple People of the world! As the jet lag kicks in full-time to add misery to my Korean revision for an exam this weekend, I’m having trouble stringing sentences together in English let alone Hangul, but on I must plough despite the fact that the field that is Vikings news is as barren as Brad Childress’ cheeks.

As expected there is still plenty to discuss around the Draft, with the Vikings’ Official Blog running with one of the most talked about position from fans, that of Safety. Many of the Purple faithful rightfully feel that despite our heavy investment in this area of the team, it is still not quite up to the standard it should be. Last year we were very vulnerable to 20+ yard plays (8th worst in the league), and despite earning some praise from the coaches, safeties Madieu Williams and Tyrell Johnson are not in the eyes of many the right people for the job. Having witnessed throughout last season, our leaky secondary, I must agree that someone is needed who can really challenge the starters, but I’m also really hoping that the players we already have can do this, particularly Jamarca Sanford as there are other areas of the secondary which need more attention than Safety. Another opinion on this position comes from Strib, and my favourite troll, Judd Zulgad who says the current starting pair need to simply be more aggressive in their approach.

This is a point of view shared by Bleacher Report’s Michael Vichael who feels that CB is probably one of the most important areas that we need to improve along with Centre/Guard. His argument is that the Hutchmeister isn’t getting any younger and has shown a couple of weaknesses of late, and John Sullivan, whilst gallant in his efforts is is desperate need of competition in order to keep him on top his game. Add to that, the problems at Tackle, and he is very right to suggest we need someone else in there. In keeping with most of the mock drafts, CB is still the top pick as that is probably where we are going to get the best quality at 30th overall, but I’m with Vichael in his view that C or G need improving at some point in the Draft.

The recently renovated Viking Age blog takes a look at some recent comments by Brad Childress about both Brian Westbrook and Donovan McNabb and reading between the lines, it seems clear that we are thankfully not interested in either player, despite whatever guff may be vomiting out of the media machines. The most interesting point for me is whether we’d call D-Mac if Favre announced his retirement today… and to celebrate this I’m going to run a cheeky little poll to see what you lot would want us to do so check my sidebar if I can figure out how to embed a poll in there.

And that’s about it for today. I’m off to drink copious amounts of tea and enjoy the remainder of my walking dead state of exhaustion.

Fighting the Jet lag – Thursday Roundup; New OT, Plan B and More Mockies

Despite sleeping a good 4-5 hours on the flight home and having a very pleasant 10 hours kip last night, the wonder of jet lag is preventing me from focussing on my screen properly. The Monster M-80 I’m nursing doesn’t seem to be helping either, so I’m fully expecting to fall asleep on my keyboard at some point today, which is why I’m going to try and bash out a quick post while I’m still conscious.

I suppose that most of the chatter for us Vikings at the moment is the new overtime rules which were voted in at the NFL Owners meeting. I’ll let the Daily Norseman explain it because when I try to process it in my head I feel like Karl Pilkington. It’s much fairer in my opinion, both teams should get a chance unless a TD is scored in the first possession, I’m not sure that it’s perfect, but it’s better. Of course though, it is a year too latel; just imagine if we’d got the ball back after Hartley’s field goal, and then a peg-legged Favre threw for the game winning interception again… yeah I know the overtime change is long overdue but what’s the point harping on about this, we all know that somehow, someway the Vikings would have found another way to break our hearts, but that’s why we love them!

Now that I can’t focus on the keyboard, I’ll move on to why in bloody hell we voted against the change to the OT rule. To be honest I don’t know, Zygi was happy with the way the rule was, despite the fact that it contributed to our downfall last year. I must say that stubbornness like this pisses me off especially when it comes to being reluctant to change archaic rules which are favour chance rather than competition. Still he was one of only 4 who were against it so it passed. Chilly’s also grumpy because he was on the golf course, silly bearded git!

Moving on though, because any more of that is likely to induce narcolepsy in anyone, let alone someone who should really be in bed, in California, rather than gloomy London, and we got a compensatory draft pick. Okay, that didn’t help my cause…. Okay let’s try another opinion on Tim Tebow….  *starting to nod off*… How about Judd Zulgad pulling a Wayne’s World by broadcasting from his basement hideout in Florida to talk about the owners meeting and an “update” on Favre (oh sweet mercy 5 pound 3 ounce baby Jesus give me strength) …

Something that i found more interesting is the proposal that the tail-end games of the season include more divisional matchups. I for one am happy with this idea, don’t get me wrong, I love spanking the Giants every year to finish off the season, but it’s getting a bit old and this would certainly make the end of the season more exciting. Just imagine going into Week 17 needing to beat the P*ckers at Lambeau to get into the playoffs on the final day of the season, and the looks on their faces when we do!

Okay, now I’m really tempting fate with my state of consciousness, but there’s another Mock Draft on Bleacher report, but at least it’s in the form of a slide show… and there’s someone called Scott Sicko!

There’s no FAVRE WATCH today, I’m sure you can understand why. I’m going to pass out now. Have a good one, hopefully I’ll be more alive tomorrow.

Quickie Time – Scraps in the desert of the offseason, no LT, green green grass and Tebow can throw…

Well I’m back from a 1200 mile road trip and the good news is that my fiancée has a shortlist of 3 wedding dresses, and I have a shit-ton of stuff from the Oregon outlets!

It’s amazing how a week away from the Purple leaves a void in my life, but then at the same time when I do get back to find out what’s been going on, there really isn’t that much to catch up on. I”m not surprised that LT decided not to come to us, and I’m glad he didn’t, as good as he was, I’m sorry but the man is past it. I’m also glad that the Brian Westbrook brigade have quieted down, but it looks like the Tim Tebow circus keeps on making its way to town. I don’t get it, he’s not #1 pick material, in fact from the look of things he’s not even NFL material but for some reason he’s stealing all the press who seem to be wetting their pants over how he’s found a new way to throw the ball. I thought there was only one way to throw the ball, maybe he’s spent some time in Thailand and adapted that ping-pong ball trick for use in the Shotgun formation…

In other, equally dull news, it really is looking like a Vikes @ Saints opener, whilst the first team at the Metrodome will be welcomed with new turf….. ooohhhhhhhh!

Having recovered from a small case of Offseason Fever, Adam at Vikings Gab has been fielding your questions about such matters as Ray Edwards and the draft. It’s good to see other Purple bloggers finding ways to make ends meet during these troubling dry spells.

As for me, my future sister-in-law in getting married today so I’m off to demand the finest wines available to humanity. I want them here and I want them now!

I’ll leave you with a brief FAVRE WATCH in which Joe Montana says Favre is coming back, and in doing so earned a box of Twinkies.

My Top Ten Moments of 2009 – #3 Favre to Greg Lewis

Well, it’s Saturday morning folks, and I’m filled with the delights of the West Coast, particularly a 4×2 In N Out Burger! Life is good, vacation is amazing! It has been a bit off to be away from all the NFL news, but checking in this morning, it doesn’t look like there’s been a great deal. Favre Watch became LT watch for a while, but it now looks like LT is on his way to NYJ. And the StarCaps trial has wrapped up so now we’re playing the waiting game. But other than that, there’s only really been more speculation, whether it be on the future of AP, or Ray Edwards, but the bottom line is that there really hasn’t been much. So to celebrate this feast of nothingness, here’s #3 in my Top Ten Moments of 2009 and a certain catch…

There are some moments which don’t need words to describe them. There are some moments which, no matter how many times I see them get my adrenaline flowing and endorphins rushing. There are some moments which fill me with pride and joy. This moment was all of these things.

Week 3 versus the 49ers, at home in the Metrodome was the first game this season that I got to watch. Weeks 1&2 I was either busy or unable to find a feed online to watch the game, so I sat down in to watch the 9ers game with giddy excitement. This was the first time I got to watch Brett on live in action (albeit on screen) and it was his first home game of the season, so it was sure to be a special one.

After finding a feed, the lady and I sat down to enjoy the game and have our Sunday tea. It wasn’t the most exciting game to watch. We never really dominated, and the loss of Frank Gore for the 9ers meant they focused their attack in the air, meaning we couldn’t deal with it. The game became a blur of emotion, but one moment stuck out. Thanks for more poor pass defending the 9ers were 4 up with around a minute to go. My lovely lady was inches away from turning the feed off, but I managed to stop her saying that if we’re gonna lose, I wanna see it through to the end because we still have a chance. In the plays that followed, Favre connected twice with Percy on 3rd down situations to keep the drive going, but at around their 20, we suddenly only had 12 seconds left, one play, one shot at ripping the win away from San Francisco.

Favre in the shotgun dropped deep, but the rush was on. He unbelievably turned away from a certain sack as he rolled to his right, and then flung the pig skin into the air…. silence…. a long silence….. and then suddenly, despite being tightly covered, someone in Purple pulled the ball out of the sky and got his feet down. “It’s caught! It’s Greg Lewis! TOUCHDOWN!” bellowed Paul Allen (not that I heard this at the time). My fiancée and I both began yelling in our little living room, jumping up and down, whooping for joy! A moment of football perfection, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. A perfect throw, a perfect catch, at the perfect time. Years from now, I will still be able to watch this clip and a smile will beam across my face. This moment was just perfect!

Well I hope that roused a little Purple Pride in y’all. I’ll be back real soon, probably with #2, but you never know….

Tuesday Morning – The floodgates are open

Well it’s finally happened. The Vikings have signed a player! A kicker and former Gopher (like my loafers) by the name of Rhys Lloyd. A man who will bring order to the Vikings’ Special Teams, a man whose right foot is capable of launching the space shuttle, a man who strikes fear into the opposition with the mere whisper of his name, a man who hasn’t attempted a field goal in three seasons… woah!! Wait, what? Well actually that last bit really doesn’t matter, because for the moment at least he is going to step up to kick off and that’s about it. Jones’ speciality it seems, is touchbacks, something which should really help our Defence dominate even more than they already do, and take the pressure off the rest of the Special Teams as they should have less KO returns to defend. A very smart signing by the looks of things, and one which won’t break the bank.

On the flip side of concrete signings, we’ve also been treated to some lovely speculation. First off the bat was that we’ve been linked to former Lions CB Phillip Buchanon. And the second, any my personal favourite is that according to Judd Zulgad, we “appear to have a genuine interest” in LaDainian Tomlinson. According to who exactly though, Judd? The Muffin Man? Jay Leno? This rumour may well be true (though if it is I’m not that keen on the idea), but come on Judd, at least cite someone who made you write that we “appear to have a genuine interest”. Hell, I’d even settle for a  “source close to the Vikings said” or “LT’s agent’s long-lost brother told the guy at the local Starbucks who then told me” for crying out loud! No instead you just say we appear to have a genuine interest and go on to state what we already know about LT, and how he would fit into the team, duh… as 3rd down back perhaps? Thanks to the lovely Judd, pretty much every NFL site is running this story, which “appears” to be based on absolutely sod-all!

In other news, the StarCaps Episode V: The NFL Strikes Back continues, with the Williams’ due to take to the stand today. Hope that all goes well…  but it probably won’t.

Also might I point you in the direction of the Daily Norseman today who have a good, balanced look at the state of the team in the wake of losing a couple of players whilst our pathetic neighbours sign anything that moves. A worthwhile read for anyone panicking that we’ve lost a couple of our players but haven’t signed anyone yet…

In today’s FAVRE WATCH the bookies reckon that Favre is pretty much odds-on to return next season.

That’s all folks!

Monday News Roundup – You turn your back for a second…

Well after an impromptu day off yesterday, I came back late on Sunday to find a whole manner of activity going on in the Vikings World.

First off Artis Hicks has signed a 3 year deal with the Washington Redskins. Now as I understand it, Hicks was our top backup on the O-Line, but I don’t think he really had much of a chance playing starter for this team and is right to want away and give it a shot somewhere else. The downside of him leaving is that he is quite a versatile player, but on the plus side, as with Taylor leaving, we now have another Free Agent we can sign if one presents himself.

Obviously losing 2 free agents has caused a minor storm in the Vikings’ teacup but Zygi Wilf insists we didn’t lose CT or Hicks because we’re cutting back. He threw up a couple of reassuring sound-bites about the direction the team is going and it seems to bode well for the future. First off he addressed the losses of CT and Hicks:

“I work with my guys. When we want somebody, we go after them; that’s the way we’ve been doing it, and we’ll continue to do so when the time comes. When the opportunity arises and when the time comes, we will go out and get that person, but right now we’re really working on the draft.”

Pretty standard stuff here, but it is nice to know that we aren’t just spending money or using our Free Agency buys because we have them. There is no point signing anything that moves, especially when the team was so nearly complete last year. True, we need a couple of additions who have experience on the field, but with the strength we have already, we can afford to take our time, and not blow vast sums of money like the Bores are doing right now.

On the stadium situation, Zygi said:

“I think there’s a lot of enthusiasm for our team, and the importance that our team has for everybody in Minnesota makes it something that we have to deal with… I think everybody realizes that we need to get something done, not just for the football, for the Vikings, but we need to have a facility that can really attract all those events that the great cities of America are getting. We should be able to get the Final Four, we should get the Super Bowl, and we should get things like Indy is getting. Why shouldn’t we get them in Minnesota?”

Once again, this is what we expect him to be saying at this point, but it’s good to know that he is in touch with all the factors involved in the stadium campaign, and he is the right person to lead the way. He also expressed the need for an indoor stadium, hopefully he’ll have the budget to get a nice mechanical roof to cover the field…

Childress also spoke about the loss of CT. And so did Purple Jesus. Guess which one is more interesting? Also on PJD is a quick blast of the Bores and their idiotic free agency signings, Mark Craig disagrees saying the Bores are closing the gap, but I’m on the side of PJ, the Bores a gash, and big signings are not what they need to patch up the crock which is their entire team. What do you lot think? Are the Bores better, worse or just the same old pile of overpriced FAIL?

The Vikings v NFL trial begins today too. I’ve spoken about this before and I’m still of the opinion that the NFL need to win this precedent setting case. They are going to throw everything at the Williams’, who in my opinion are innocent, but somehow I think that 4 game suspension will finally catch up with them, the case is too important for the NFL to lose. But you never know, it is in a Minnesota court, and apparently Chilly could be brought  to the stand to impose his Beard of Justice upon the “pencil pushing” Roger Goodell.

And it is Chilly who leads today’s FAVRE WATCH. Apparently old Silver Beardpopped in to see the Silver Fox last week. They had punch and pie, and enjoyed a Hannah Montana marathon.

Soooo, I’m going to be cutting back on my posts over the next few weeks. A long overdue holiday to California beckons so I’ll be kicking back for a while to let the drama unfold without comment. I’m sure that by the time I return, Favre will have picked his nose in such a way to suggest he’s coming back, but will then scratch his arse which will be seen as a sign that he isn’t. So enjoy the next couple of weeks, but I will be posting intermittently, so do drop by.