Wednesday Morning Vikes News – The Final Day of the Combine, and All Day wants 2 more years of Brett

Towards the end of last week, when my average morning consisted of scraping barrels and picking at scraps in the search for new stories, but I took comfort from the fact that the Scouting Combine was on the horizon, and from that we’d have plenty of good stories about who the Vikes were looking at and how these noobs performed.

But today, as we enter the final day of the Combine, the only thing to happen is that we’ve tied up Greg Lewis for another year. That’s it. That’s all there is. There isn’t any more. The NFL Offseason really is like a special edition burger at McDonald’s. It promises to be the bomb, a taste sensation, delivering trans-fats like they’ve never been delivered before; but in reality it’s just a Big Mac without the special sauce. Our only hope is that Thursday can deliver where this first half of the week has failed, with Free Agency beginning at 11.01pm (Central I guess… either way I’ll probably be in bed).

A couple of links for you from The Vikings Gab today. The first reporting on the small price rise to Vikings Season Tickets, and the second covering a Donorschoose which the Gab are supporting, which is trying to raise $579 for equipment at a school in Kansas, so get on there and get donating!

And in other business, Purple Jesus is at it again, defacing the artwork of The Rube.

For today’s FAVRE WATCH, it seems All Day has been day dreaming/sniffing glue, and told that he wants the Silver Fox to come back for not one, but two years, delivering Super Bowls in both! Come on man, I know you gotta be positive, but this is just crazy talk.

“I hope he comes back for another year or two *inhales deeply*, gives us another two years, *licks toad* — I think we could win back-to-back Super Bowls *chows down on hash cake*. I’d take one *sniffs Jared’s jock-strap*. But the talent we have on both sides of the football *and in Miami nightclubs* with Favre — just the talent we have on offense, defense all phases — I feel like we can go as high *as a kite* as we want. *look Ma, look at the fairies buzzing around my head*”   *

* Disclaimer: Kids, don’t do drugs. Do visit my blog!


8 Responses to “Wednesday Morning Vikes News – The Final Day of the Combine, and All Day wants 2 more years of Brett”

  1. Purple Charlie Says:

    UK, Yeah I thought the comment Adrain made was a little Whacked myself…

    I like Adrain, he is a class act, just hope he really works on holding the ball when he is going down or fighting for more yards…

    Jones Drew Used to do the same thing, But decided not to fight for that extra yard, It helped him…

    I just don’t see Adrain not fighting for that yard…

  2. Johnny Says:

    Charlie, I think you are right about AD. It’s just not in his DNA to not fight for every yard.

  3. Johnny Says:

    Good morning Charlie. And a special thanks to UK for the donation to Mr. Fs project.

    • Vikings UK Says:

      Cheers Johnny. One thing I really love about Vikings fans and players is the way they get really involved in the community, gotta that Purple Pride strong and true!
      Yeah, I think you’re both right about AP not changing his attitude to running, hopefully his approach will though.

      • Johnny Says:

        UK, it looks to me like, if AD would just keep his elbow tight to his body instead of straight out would help immensely.

  4. Purple Charlie Says:

    UK, Awfully Quiet on the front, Thought pop in on your side… As Johnny said, Thanks again for the donation.

    It’s Nice to be part of Vikings fans Worldwide…
    Have a good one

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