Thursday Morning Vike-Blitz – Sweet Tenderness for Edwards and T-Jack

Afternoon! It’s a blazingly fast post from me today, but with only one story grabbing the headlines, you’re not missing out on much really.

As mentioned yesterday, free agency starts tonight, and in preparation for that the Vikes have begun handing out offers to their Restricted Free Agents. The biggest offer going to DE Ray Edwards who is set to more than double his salary with a $2.5mil First Round Tender which could keep him a Viking for another year. Meanwhile Tavaris Jackson has reportedly been offered a Third Round Tender of around $1.1mil, DT Fred Evans (?) a Second Rounder of about £1.7mil and Nosferatu Tahi (#12) was handed a calculator to help with his basic math skills.

So as I understand it, other teams now have a week to better that offer, which we can then match if we want to keep any of them. I’m glad Edwards has been valued so highly, his performances late on showed him to be a bit of an unsung hero for the defence, and I think a reasonable value on T-Jack means that if we keep him we’re not getting shafted on the price, and he’s still affordable to anyone mad enough to try and sign him.

We’re still apparently talking with Chester Taylor, I’m sure we’ll hear more on that in the coming days once the FA window opens.

Right, gotta dash peeps! Have a good one, UK


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