Favre and Miley Sitting in a Tree…

What a surprise, Favre was on Leno last night and gave nothing away about his future. But I’m sure you already new that, regardless of whether you saw it or not.

On the surface this makes me pretty pissed, I want to know where Favre is going to be next year, in an armchair, or on the field, that way I can go about my off-season in peace. The trouble is that Brett also wants to enjoy his off-season in peace, and as a result is saying nothing.

But after watching the interview I can’t help but wish the man well, and am going to try to be content with letting him keep us all waiting. He still looked and talked like the man who was the heartbeat of the team in a truly remarkable season. I’m also feeling more at ease about waiting when I remember that he did this whole will he/won’t he routine last year, and despite missing the training camps and a pre-season game, he still had one of the best seasons of his career. So whilst FAVRE WATCH will continue, I’m beginning to realise and accept that it is probably going to last most of the off-season.

There are going to be many who are not going to share this point of view, and fair enough, because it’s a sign of how we all love the team and want the best for them. There is a fine line between wanting Favre back because he is such a great player and being willing to wait for a decision, and wanting a decision now in case it is a “No” so the team can recruit and build a new foundation for next season, but at the end of the day on both sides it boils down to wanting the team at their best for next season.

The interview itself was pretty enjoyable. Favre said the real reason for being in LA was to take his daughter to go see Hannah Montana, apparently Disney Channel rules in his home, and he’s even picked up some of the words to the songs! He’d also brought along his wife, mother-in-law and priest, as you do… Wait, what? A priest? Maybe Hannah Montana is so bad he needs someone on hand to perform Last Rights just in case!

There were many screaming fans in the audience, most cries of “One more year”, though I swear All Day was somewhere in the back row, taking a hit on a bong, and muttering “Silver Fox can play till he’s 60 and we’ll win 100 Super Bowls and I’ll be the next President… now where are those damn Cheetos?”

There were particularly big cheers when Favre said his biggest achievement was winning over the Minnesota faithful. Favre’s reaction was a mixture of gratitude and what I took to be embarrassment. Despite all the criticisms which have been levelled on the man, I think it’s little moments like this which show he isn’t a complete egotist, and it is reassuring that he is both aware and humbled by the support he has received from the Purple Nation. All this will be playing in Favre’s mind when he comes to make his decision, and hopefully will be noted by the wonderful people who are wasting money on billboards and ads, seriously, he knows we want him back, you can stop making fools of yourselves, and spend your money on something a little more useful.

The only other thing I wanted to comment on from the interview was the moment when Leno asked the question we all want asked. “Are you coming back next year?” Favre’s face at this point looked like he’d just bitten down on a lemon, and whilst ESPN are probably going to get a psychoanalyst in to look at it, my gut reaction was that right now he’s actually leaning towards no. It just looked like he knew his current state of mind would disappoint a lot of people. But maybe I’m just looking into it too much.

Overall it was pretty good to see Favre on the screen, it’s been a long and painful time since the Saints game, and whilst he didn’t talk too much about that, I was just glad to see that he was in good health because the more strength he can recover, the better shape he’ll be in if he comes back. But whether he will or not is another story..

The only other business today is the future of Chester Taylor. There are many teams interested apparently, with offers of around $8mil being touted, but the most interesting thing is that CT is going to be going to Chicago today to meet with the Bears apparently… sorry I was just sick in my mouth a little. Stay Purple Chester! You know it makes sense.

Have a good Friday everyone. Back again tomorrow with the next in my Moments of ’09!


One Response to “Favre and Miley Sitting in a Tree…”

  1. Purple Charlie Says:

    UK, With ya on Chester, I would like to see him stay, If he is gone, Hope he ends up with more than 8 mil, It will help the team in FA…

    The thoughts of going to the Bears… Makes my stomach churn…
    Have a great weekend

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