Goodbye Chester & My Top 10 Moments of 2009 – #4 Beating the P*ckers @ GB

Balls, I’m going to need a new home shirt (I have JA and AP, so who do you think I should get next?), my shining #29 is now at the back of the closet because Chester Taylor has signed with the Chicago Bores, who also picked up Jared Allen’s nemesis, Julius Peppers. Gotta give credit to Chicago, they’re making waves with some big signings, but then again, they did that with Cutler last year and it amounted to absolutely nothing. However in an uncapped season it’s a bold move, so it looks like NFC North is going to be an even more fierce division that’s for sure. Gutted to see us lose Chester, but we now can grab a free agent, so hopefully we’ll use the choice wisely.

Now on with the next Top Moment of 2009:

There’s nothing quite like beating your neighbour in your own home. Your family are all there to see it and the atmosphere is amazing. But at the same time, beating them in their own back yard is even better. Their fans go home dejected, and for the chosen few away fans who made it to the field, the victory is even sweeter.

Last year, the Week 4 win over the P*ckers in the Metrodome was amazing, but going to Green Bay with their old #4 under our centre, and handing their asses to them again was even better.

The week before the game, we went 6-1 after losing to the Steelers. It was a game which could have gone either way, and ended with a Chester Taylor missed catch which was picked up for a TD. Certainly it burst the bubble that was made at the start of the season, which made the game against the P*ckers even more important.

If Favre was under pressure in Week 4, it was nothing compared to when he walked out on Lambeau Field dressed in Purple (White actually…). But once again it was a game that we totally dominated, with another massive performance from the Silver Fox.

Apart from the stutter at the start, where Sullivan snapped to an unsuspecting Favre and we turned over, we killed them. A great kickoff return to the GB 12 by Percy, and the ensuing 4th down TD from Peterson put us ahead. And then Favre connected with Shank to put us in control, with Longwell making it 17-3 at the half.

Then came one of my favourite scores of the year, when Favre connected with Percy whose quick feet made 3 GB defenders fall like skittles. From there the P*ckers rallied and came within 4 points before Jeff Dugan got his 1st score in 3 years! GB came back again, but Bernard Berrian caught Favre’s 4th TD of the game to wrap it all up.

If there was any doubt that Favre wasn’t the missing piece in our puzzle, it was erased by this game. Like I said, beating your neighbour in their own back yard is the best feeling. After all the crap we’d heard from the GB faithful, we could now just laugh at them! The belief was back, the team was united and this game played a huge part in the story of our season.


2 Responses to “Goodbye Chester & My Top 10 Moments of 2009 – #4 Beating the P*ckers @ GB”

  1. Kristian L. G. Nielsen Says:

    What about a Sidney Rice jersey. I’m looking into get one, but I would prefer it to be a throwback jersey, and I haven’t been able to find an authentic one yet:(

    Love this game:)

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