Rocks, hard places and the Raiders

Since my last news related post in which I asked fans if they want McNabb if Favre called it a day (most of you do by the way), the situation has sort of/not really been turned on it’s metaphorical/literal/proverbial head(?). D-Mac came out and said that if he isn’t playing for Philly next year then he’d want to play for the Vikings, and at the same time the Raiders said that they are interested in Sage “Oh, so that’s what a snap looks like” Rosenfels. This has prompted the Vikings Nation to come out in full force airing their views on what these  stories could mean for the team, and more importantly how they feel about them.

Let’s deal with MaccyD first, because he is certainly the bigger of the two stories. The crux of a potential trade for McNabb of course centres around the future of Brett Favre, like Mr Potter and Voldemort, one cannot live while the other survives, in other words we can’t have both of them. Of course who is Harry and who is He Who Must Not Be Named (sorry, I watched some of the Half Blood Prince on the plane last week to send me to sleep) depends on how you view the respective Quarterbacks. PJD of course sees Brett as the the Devil incarnate, and wishes that we’d just ditch Foxy, save a few bob, and have a 5-6 year starter at QB, rather than missing the opportunity and only have to address this situation again next year.

Part of me does agree with PJ, we are in a corner with Brett, and I’m not convinced that if Brett is back in 2010 that the magic will be quite the same, but neither am I convinced with McNabb. He’s certainly taken Philly places, but is he really an upgrade on Brett or just Tavaris Jackson only not completely shite? Of course long term he is the better option, but we never brought Brett in to be a long term fix did we? If only Brett would announce what his plans are, that way we can move forward, but as it stands he almost certainly knows and we don’t. This whole McNabb situation really has hit home what a lot of us have been worried about since Brett said he would take his time and Chilly et al said they’d let him do it; what if an equally good offer comes along? We are now left with three options as I see it:

1) Screw Brett, take McNabb

2) Wait on Brett, hope McNabb remains available just in case

3) Lose Brett after waiting 3 more months, McNabb, fed up waiting, signs with the Bengals.

Being a pretty unscarred Vikings fan, I’m going to put my trust in the coach and hope he knows what is really going on, but I understand that a lot of you out there are a lot more wary, there are 2 win situations and 1 lose as I see it, but that 1 lose is just as likely as the 2 wins if not more so, but in Chilly I Trust (just as long as he grows his beard back).

The situation with Sage is a lot more straightforward as pointed out by the Gab. Have a read, and you’ll see why.

The only other news worth item today is that we are meant to be meeting with former P*cker, DE Mike Montgomery. Looks alright on paper, not sure about taking on another former P*cker but needs must…

Have a good one people. Skol


One Response to “Rocks, hard places and the Raiders”

  1. FloridaFan Says:

    McNabb is not going to be traded to the vikings regardless of what Brett Favre does. yes, he wants to go there. Who wouldn’t. But the last time I checked players don’t get to decide where they will be traded, as Favre found out when he asked the packers to trade to the vikings. Andy Reid is not an idiot. He is not trading a top 10 QB to a SB ready team in the NFC. Any trade to the vikings would start with a #1 draft pick. A first round pick for a 34 yr old QB that has not played a complete season in 5 yrs, whose contract is up next year. It is much more likely the vikings handle McNabb the same way they did Favre. wait for his contract to play out, if he doesn’t sign a long term deal, he’ll be a free agent next year. This whole story is compete media fabrication in an attempt to put pressure on Favre to make a decision now. Childress, Speilman, Wilf have all told him to take his time to decide. Do you really think they would continually say this if it put the vikings in a bad situation? no. they are not cornered, they are not being held hostage. the vikings know what they will do if brett returns and if he doesn’t. Chill out and find something new to write about

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