Killing time…

Wowee, it’s a slow one today. With news of Monty quietening down already, and Tye Hill (thankfully apparently) signing for the Tits there really is nothing much to do at all apart from munch on cheesy doritos.

If you are just as bored as I then come and feat on my random links of the week, in no particular order:

Alien loves Predator – A cartoon following the exploits of the 2 best film nemeses, in a world where Will Smith is President. Let mild chuckling ensue.

Don’t Even Reply – Emails from an Asshole. I love this site. It is just genius, the one with concealed weaponry nearly made me wet myself. Just imagine someone with too much spare time responding to ads on craigslist.

Quote of the Week comes from South Park last week:

And why is it wearing a dress?

Song of the Week will mean little to anyone living outside the UK, but it’s a chuckle nonetheless. Just imagine if Fox News was a newspaper, and was aimed at 40+ white middle class people.

FAIL of the Week goes to this wonderful moment from BBC’s kids channel:

And that’s it, I’m going to bed…


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