Easter Egg Review

After enjoying a lovely Easter weekend up in the glorious Yorkshire Dales (and also Reading for a Jager/Poker fest) I return home to my computer to find that one of the big stories I’ve been following this offseason has come to a rather interesting conclusion.

Donovan “the old Tavaris” McNabb has signed, not for the Vikings, not for the Raiders, but for the Washington Redskins. Well, did not see that one coming I must say. But at least it makes the offseason of the Vikings a little clearer, in that we surely can’t be linked with any other QBs, we now just wait for Favre and get on with concentrating on the Draft.

At risk of sounding smug, I was never that convinced about the ability of McNabb to lift the team. True, if we had no Favre I’d’ve taken him over Tavaris, but now that he’s with another team, I’m not that bothered. All it can lead to now is a few irresponsible thoughts, cue the Gab

The MST also speculates that we’ve laid the running back situation to rest, promoting Darius Reynaud to RB, suggesting that we are not going to sign Westbrook, or another player to fill any gap left by Taylor.  So we now have 2 untested backs behind Peterson, the other being Albert Young, so I guess the thinking here is that we get the pair to push each other for the second spot on the depth chart, as Peterson’s place in 1st is pretty secure. Of course if AD is injured for whatever reason, having 2 untested players as backup is not so reassuring…

And like I said, with most issues within the current team addressed, we are now focussing on the draft with the management having afternoon tea with 30 prospects this week. I’m sure that MST will be keeping their eyes firmly on that, so I’ll make sure to keep you all up to date with any interesting developments.

Right, apologies for the late and short post, but a 4 day week equals a buggeringly busy day.


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