Bob Dylan and a Fry Up – And a dull offseason is a good one for the Vikes

Good morning to you nation, today’s post comes from a very hungover vikingbloggychap, following an impromptu night of bourbon, B55s and flaming Lamborghinis. But then I suppose the nights you don’t plan for are usually the best, and last night was a mighty good one that I’m paying for now, and no amount of Bob Dylan, full english breakfasts or clapping is going to bring me back from the bring of oblivion.

Not that I could have wished for much more from last night, but it would have been nice to have had a “moment of clarity” with regards the Vikings’ offseason. But instead all there is are murmurs of Wranglers and Tahi signing a tender. Woo bloody hoo!

It grates on you, it really does. What I wouldn’t give for one measly quarter against the Buffalo Bills, with Sage at QB and Jared Allen playing corner, but that just isn’t going to happen. The trouble is that there just isn’t anything going on.

Thankfully, our players are being relatively well behaved with the exception of McKinnie, and with our focus on the draft rather than signing experience it makes everything a little less exciting. But I also think that it is setting good foundations for the future. We are not overloading our wage budget in an uncapped year, we are concentrating on young talent, and we are moving in the right directions towards a new stadium. But it is boring, it’s bloody boring, but we gotta keep ploughing through. Hey, it’s gotta be better than having our QB plastered all over the press, or being a Cowboys fan.

Still, we can hope. Personally I’d like the Vikes to hold a summer training camp in London, trade up for a franchise QB, plug up the holes in the defence after that, and then have Pat Williams leave flaming bags of turd on Aaron Rodgers’ door step… oh to dream

So instead of another empty news update, here’s 2 of my favourite links that I’ve stumbled across this week from the legendary Adam Buxton:


2 Responses to “Bob Dylan and a Fry Up – And a dull offseason is a good one for the Vikes”

  1. Johnny Says:

    UK, have a couple bloody marys and call me in the morning

  2. NEWS WHERE YOU ARE - Top News, Music, and Sports - The Blog Conglomerate Says:

    […] Bob Dylan and a Fry Up – And a dull offseason is a good one for the Vikes « Minnesota Vi… […]

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