Random musings in the Wilderness

Well, after another fine filming session, I find myself this Sunday, once again bereft of anything Purple to talk about. Even a week shy of the draft and we’re being very very quiet. But maybe it’s better that way… Still on Tuesday we find out our 2010 schedule, so that should be about as interesting as an episode of The Hills but at least we can make our early/pointless predictions. And then we get some fresh blood on the team so we can predict who is going to be the next Percy Harvin and who’s going to be the next Troy Williamson…

But to do all that we must wait. On the brightside, I met a Cowboys fan today :)

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One Response to “Random musings in the Wilderness”

  1. Purple Charlie Says:

    Uk, Cheers to the Cowboy fan, May this season end the same way for him as it did last year!!!

    5 more days my friend !!!

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