Minnesota welcomes Cook and Gerhart – Say Goodbye to Rnd3

Okay, so it was another interested morning of stories to wake up to, not quite what I was expecting, but relatively pleasing nonetheless.

With our 34th overall pick taken from the Lions we took Cornerback Chris Cook, a 6’2″, 210lb’er who gives us added security at a position which was not only questionable last year, but was looking very shaky going into 2010 with various injuries, especially the ACL issue with Cedric Griffin. He could also offer cover at safety, and should work well in our defensive set-up. But it wouldn’t be the Vikings unless he had some sort of “past”, and for Cook he missed large parts of his college career, through injury and also suspension for “academic reasons”.  But he showed real quality when he came back after his trouble and put up good numbers in the combine, and the Vikes staff too notice.

And then rather than waiting for our next pick at 62nd overall, the mighty Brick suddenly had a bit of a sinking feeling and felt the need to trade up at 51st to grab Toby Gerhart, a Heisman runner-up-running back. A very exciting prospect who will back up Peterson in 2010 and can also catch and block, a fullback with tailback legs, the heart of a lion, and the gills of Aquaman.

So two things can be taken from this, one that we picked up two players in positions that needed strengthening, and they seem to be good picks. The second is, however that we grabbed two players from the first 3 rounds, which is a little less positive.

The Gab sums up the understandable disappointment at this, but I’d like to add my two cents to it because I’m of the opinion that we actually did pretty well in strengthening rather than pasting over the cracks with more players of lesser quality. I’m a draft rookie so I’m not so well versed in the intricacies of trades for position, I understand wanting to move up and down, but when you are the team giving away trades you have a extra dimension to consider because you have something to lose as well as gain.

In the case of our first three rounds, many fans feel that there is the nagging feeling we didn’t need to lose a 3rd rounder and could have ended up with our draft bag a little fuller. Let’s say that in Round 1 we didn’t give up a pick and grabbed the CB we ended up picking yesterday, okay, so we don’t have some extra picks from the Lions, but we still have our man. Then going into round 2 we have two options, we hold our horses and wait until our original pick, hoping that Gerhart is still around or just pick the “best player available” which was apparently our drafting policy, or we do what we did, and lose a 3rd rounder to trade up for Gerhart anyway, essentially what we did yesterday.

Now, and I hope I’m making sense here, if we didn’t give up a round 3, we probably wouldn’t have gotten Gerhart, so while we would have had 2 players to compliment Cook, maybe, just maybe they wouldn’t have added up to the quality of Gerhart. So was our original decision that bad given what we got? I don’t think it was, we got great players at the key positions. We are not a team in desperate need of big changes, we are Super Bowl contenders who need a little tinkering ad we still have plenty of picks going into today, including an upgraded 4th rounder and an extra in round 7, so I’m hoping that Brick knows what he’s doing, and we end up with the right personnel.

So I’m staying positive, and I also need to stress that there is no point in judging our draft until it is well and truly over. So roll on tonight, and hopefully Brick will show us that there is method to their apparent madness.

And once again, welcome to Chris Cook and Toby Gerhart, may your futures be Purple and prosperous.


3 Responses to “Minnesota welcomes Cook and Gerhart – Say Goodbye to Rnd3”

  1. KEITH Says:

    Nice to find a fellow UK Vike fan – and a nice blog too!
    Stayed up to watch the draft as it was live on ESPN Thursday night/Fri am, so was disappointed although not surprised that we passed on our 1st round pick.
    Was hoping the Vikes drafted a couple of impact players as with Harvin and Loadholt last year and AD in 2007 – so am pleased at the Gerhart pick. He is a monster, ideal back up Peterson and if we’d not got him or someone of high calibre, we’d be left prety thin if AD got injured any time this year. There is always the option of changingup the running game by putting in Harvin and Young and/or Reynard, but Gerhart is a guy who can carry the workload too.
    Cook I’m undecided about as plenty of people are, but if the Front office have worked him out and we truly was one of the 4 names they had to pick in Rnd 1, then he should be fine.
    So what of today – an hour or so before 4th rnd begins. I’d like us to take a QB in the 5th round – probably Pike would be gone, but Jonathan Crompton looks like he might be a good option – cannon arm and has good upside, ideal guy to sit and learn from Favre. Dan Le Fevour is another name with good stats, but he seems to have a few negatives against him on the scouting reports. I gues 1st pick will likely be an O Lineman, but as long as we get afew plkayers who can contribute this season, just as we did last year then we’d have had a good draft.
    I would say that I reckon Clausen is going to be a great NFL QB and to have had Favre school him would have been ideal – he’ll do well straight off at Carolina.

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