If our draft recruits were Superheroes, they still wouldn’t sing in public

Good morning Purple Nation, now that the dust is settling on the draft and our new recruits are fixing their contracts, it’s suddenly got a little quiet again. Save for Chester Taylor wailing like a banshee…

Really? At what point did CT think, you know what, I want to get up in front of 50,000 people and sing a song written by a 5 year old?

But I digress, because there is another Viking related video doing the rounds this morning, and it’s of our QB/WR supermegacomboplayer, Joe Webb, jumping the empire state building..

Pretty cool eh? I mean it would be better if there was one of him throwing 200 yards through a crowd of Spartans, and catching it himself to further they myth of his apparent superhuman throwing/catching/running/jumping/climbing trees/putting on makeup ability, but at least we know that if we do throw him the ball, he’ll be able to jump up to catch it, and if he’s being rushed he can play leapfrog with the corners.

I wonder what other visual treats of our new recruits are out there…

Well first up it’s the man with the heart of a lion: Toby Ger(Lion)hart who should really have schooled Chester on singing etiquette, ie. don’t f*cking sing!

Then it’s the turn of our 1st round pick, Chris Cook who I think is going to get on very well with Jared Allen:

Everson Griffen doesn’t like shirts, but enjoys matching his doo-rags with whatever is in the background, and his goal in life is to get a ton of sex:


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