Minnesota Momentum Picks Up – And More Turd from the Favre Mediawagon

Good morning to you all, it’s a chilly morning in London, and after another lovely three day weekend filled with my Grandma’s trifle and another London Olympians win, it’s back to the week, and todays Purple News.

First off the bat today, we’re looking at the ongoing situation with the new stadium. The Tribune reports that there is a bill in the mix for the new Legislature, which in a nutshell would give the go-ahead for a $791mil home for the Vikings. Some $264mil of this would have to be paid by the Vikes themselves, which I guess would come from re-morgaging Favre’s ego and hawking Bryant McKinnie to Douchebags Anonymous.

Now whilst it is very exciting that there is a bill in the mix, something that looked unlikely a couple of weeks ago, this bill it seems is very flawed. In fact, the issues with it have caused many supporters of the new stadium to come out against it. Gov. Tim Pawlenty is one of them who was very vocal about getting a new stadium organises as soon as possible. The trouble is that the money will have to come from taxes, in a state which has a huge deficit, and whilst I’m sure the stadium will bring in masses of revenue, perhaps this bill does not properly address the balance.

So expect this rather rushed bill to be stepped on at some point soon. A shame really, because I think that you can’t put a price on having an NFL Franchise in a city, but at least it shows that there are a lot people in the right places who are pushing for something to happen soon.

Away from the political side, Vikings Gab reports that we’ve given contracts to two undrafted free agents. This is very exciting indeed and I hope these two continue to show their worth and fight for a place on the team. Of course one of our biggest ever players to come through in this way was John Randle, it is too much to hope that these two end up like him?

Over at Bleacher Report, Kevin Roberts unleashes hell on SI’s Peter King for reporting that he knows a bloke who knows a bloke who knows a bloke who said that he spoke to a bloke who said that Favre told his mate who knows a bloke that he is 100% certainly going to retire. Using my bullsh*t media translator this boils down to… I need a quick buck so I’ll make some sh*t up. W*nker! Journalists really need to start behaving themselves, and stop using Fuzzy Dunlop as their source for any story that they think is going to put them on the front page. Fair enough, King tracks back on the “quote” saying Favre is always changing his mind so he’s not sure how 100% he really is, but even so, if you aren’t going to name your source, or put your money where your mouth is then just don’t write it. King just discredits himself by discarding his own “exclusive quote” under the pretence of Favre being indecisive. Until I hear it from the Silver Horse’s mouth, I’m going to keep on believing that Favre is going to come back, but under no circumstances am I just going to make up something just for the sake of a few hits.

In other news a friend of SI’s Peter King; let’s call him Snot Boogie,  told a squirrel who told my dog who told me that he is out of a job for being a spineless parasite… ohhh snaaap!

Right, that’s your lot for today! Back tomorrow with more Purple goings on! SKOL!


6 Responses to “Minnesota Momentum Picks Up – And More Turd from the Favre Mediawagon”

  1. gbnordic Says:

    This has been a yearly occurrence for past 5-7 years with Favre contemplating about retirement. I was wondering has there been anyone in the EPL like this? I cannot think off the top of my head right now.

    • Vikings UK Says:

      Well retirement-wise, Sir Alex Ferguson is always bugged about retiring but never does. Most of the rumours over here concern transfers. Basically the Spanish and English press love to make up as many stories as possible linking X player with X clubs. As an Arsenal fan we have always had to put up with our players being linked to other clubs. Believe me, it’s more infuriating than the Favre situation!

      • gbnordic Says:

        I pay attention as much as i can to the EPL, even more so this season. It just interests me sometimes that a sport the every country has a love for does not even made a top 3 in the US.

  2. Links Of The Week » Vikings Gab Says:

    […] UK takes a look at a number of issues, including the recent stadium […]

  3. SupaScout Says:

    I just don’t understand why masses of common voters, vote for the Tories (Republicans in the states) when it is against their best interests. Staggering!
    ps. Is Richard Murdock’s news as bias as it is in the States?

    • Vikings UK Says:

      Murdock has little influence over the TV media here because of laws preventings bias, but the newspapers on the other hand are a different story. The Sun is Murdock owned and the most circulated news paper. They always try to back the winner, and have a huge part to play in deciding the election by being like Fox news in print form.

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