How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yurrr meat?

Good morning Nation, there’s another dust cloud looming on the horizon, threatening to shut down society as we know it, but that’s not nearly as concerning as the rather torrid week the Vikes have had, unless you’re on holiday, but I’m not…

The main issue is the impending suspension of The Wall. I already spoke about this last week but Viking Nation dug up that interesting story from PFT which suggests we could be without both of our starters for 8 games, as the suspensions could be staggered. I’m not sure how much meat there is to this claim by PFT, but if it is the case then it is worrying.

Then again, the Nation’s other link potentially opens the door for Albert “Complete waste of money” Haynesworth to don Purple and come play for us next season. Now I say waste of money because he went to Washington to be paid to keep Zorn’s car seat warm, but like GB Nordic, I do think he would do a lot better as a Viking, and we need someone to fill the enormous void that Pat will leave when he retires. But I also think that we should be careful in this uncapped season, because we shouldn’t live beyond our means, and risk putting ourselves in a difficult position when the salary cap returns.

The potential, but in my opinion, improbable arrival of Haynesworth is not something we need however according to Andy Rarick at Bleacher Report. Taking a look at the Vikings’ depth chart unearths some promising players like Fred Evans and Jimmy Kennedy who could step up, and gain valuable experience, and we also have Everson Griffen to keep them on their toes. Add to that the constant threat of the Mullet, and a mildly disgruntled Ray Edwards who will no doubt be looking to have a good season to improve any future contact offer, and we may lose a bit of our reputation but our bite should be just as strong.

That’s all from me today, for some reason WordPress is having a superfuntime reformatting my paragraphs so I hope this post comes out okay. Back later in the week with more Purple News. Skol!

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3 Responses to “How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yurrr meat?”

  1. greymous Says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Haynesworth signed for a couple of years to fill in holes this year and take over for Fat Pat next year. By then I think we’ll have enough other talent in place that if he under performs we can send him on to Oakland or Tampa Bay where he can fade away in obscurity.

    I’m more worried about our lack of talent and motivation at left tackle and that we don’t seem to have any plan in place for our future long term QB.

    As always we, as Vikings fans, will continue to bleed purple and enjoy the torture rack ride that comes from our beloved team.


  2. Adam Says:

    I like your sentence “living beyond our means.” There are so many uncertainties about our team’s long term future in so many ways, that spending money and making it harder to re-sign guys like Rice and Greenway will not help matters.

    • gbnordic Says:

      So true Adam. We need to keep these 2 stars in the purple. The Vikes still need a long term QB, because I do not think Favre will be around for no 10 maybe.

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