Guest Post: Top 5 Vikings Draft Busts

G’day readers, in the interests of diversification (I’ve been watching a lot of The Office) here’s a guest post from Branden over at Lemke’s Lot, it’s a great site so do go check it out.

Lemke’s Lot Guest Post: Top 5 Vikings draft busts

Hey, let me just start out by giving a shoutout to the Vikings UK. It is a great website, and an awesome guy that runs it. Way to represent the Vikings all the way over in Europe!

Top 5 Vikings draft busts of all time:

5. Running Back Michael Bennett (2001 1st round, pick 27 overall) Michael Bennett had a good run his first couple years in the NFL, but only managed to crack 1,000+ yards one season. After that season, he was used primarily as a 3rd down back throughout the rest of his Vikings career, and since leaving the Vikings has only managed to become a 3rd string Running Back on other teams.

4. RB D.J Dozier (1987 1st round, pick 14 overall) Let’s just put it simply; He did NOTHING as a Viking. Served as a backup throughout most of his career.

3. DE Erasmus James (2005 1st round, pick 18 overall) This guy was supposed to be the next Warren Sapp, a bigtime star. All he ended up doing was keeping the bench warm and staying out of games due to injurys. He was traded to the Redskins in 2008 after his disapointing Vikings career, but has yet to see the field as a Redskin.

2. WR Troy Williamson (2005 1st round, pick 7 overall) A few months after we traded Randy Moss to Oakland, we went into the draft looking for his replacement. BHowever, if I remember correctly, Randy could catch… Funny how we replace him with a guy who couldn’t catch the EASIEST of passes. I can’t even count the times Williamson would beat his man and be WIDE OPEN, and still show off his stone hands. Glad he’s gone to another team.

1. DE Demitrius Underwood (1999 1st round, pick 29 overall) All anyone can remember this guy for is for stabbing himself in the neck and retiring after just 4 games of his pro career. What a waste of money this guy was.

So that’s my view of the Top 5 Vikings draft busts of all time, and feel free to stop by my site, Lemke’s Lot, as well!

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2 Responses to “Guest Post: Top 5 Vikings Draft Busts”

  1. TheJazzyOne Says:

    How sad is it that TWO of those busts came in the same round of the same year

  2. gbnordic Says:

    So true boy that sure was a tough draft year for the Vikes. With the pick that they had and they could do nothing with them. Maybe that was the undoing for Tice’s draft day woes.

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