Tuesday’s Whistlestop Roundup

Good morning Purple Nation;

It’s going to be a very busy couple of weeks for me I feel and as a result I’m going to be blogging a little less, so what I’m going to try and do is cram as much as I can into the site when I do get a spare moment. For today’s brief linkfest, here are a couple of points of interest which you should take the time to checkout.

1) Mike, over at Vikings Gab has posted his interview with Erin Henderson, good to hear from a player who’s on the cusp of making it big. He sounds really driven, and focussed on doing everything he can for the team.

2) Lemke’s Lot reports that we’ve signed our 7th round pick Ryan D’Imperio-Stormtrooper. Huzzah!

3) Over at Viking Nation, read Jazzy’s (from Viking Ship) guest post on the 5 things the Vikes need to improve on for 2010.

4) And in the spirit of guest blogs, why not read my post for The Viking Ship on the Top 5 Performances last year.

5) Bleacher Report have done their NFC North Power Rankings. Find out where we are and see if we’ve retained the power of last minute disappointment…

6) Also on BR is Brad Wolff’s interview with Chilly.

And that’s it from me today. Back to the daily grind. Have a good one! SKOL!

How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yurrr meat?

Good morning Nation, there’s another dust cloud looming on the horizon, threatening to shut down society as we know it, but that’s not nearly as concerning as the rather torrid week the Vikes have had, unless you’re on holiday, but I’m not…

The main issue is the impending suspension of The Wall. I already spoke about this last week but Viking Nation dug up that interesting story from PFT which suggests we could be without both of our starters for 8 games, as the suspensions could be staggered. I’m not sure how much meat there is to this claim by PFT, but if it is the case then it is worrying.

Then again, the Nation’s other link potentially opens the door for Albert “Complete waste of money” Haynesworth to don Purple and come play for us next season. Now I say waste of money because he went to Washington to be paid to keep Zorn’s car seat warm, but like GB Nordic, I do think he would do a lot better as a Viking, and we need someone to fill the enormous void that Pat will leave when he retires. But I also think that we should be careful in this uncapped season, because we shouldn’t live beyond our means, and risk putting ourselves in a difficult position when the salary cap returns.

The potential, but in my opinion, improbable arrival of Haynesworth is not something we need however according to Andy Rarick at Bleacher Report. Taking a look at the Vikings’ depth chart unearths some promising players like Fred Evans and Jimmy Kennedy who could step up, and gain valuable experience, and we also have Everson Griffen to keep them on their toes. Add to that the constant threat of the Mullet, and a mildly disgruntled Ray Edwards who will no doubt be looking to have a good season to improve any future contact offer, and we may lose a bit of our reputation but our bite should be just as strong.

That’s all from me today, for some reason WordPress is having a superfuntime reformatting my paragraphs so I hope this post comes out okay. Back later in the week with more Purple News. Skol!

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Minnesota Momentum Picks Up – And More Turd from the Favre Mediawagon

Good morning to you all, it’s a chilly morning in London, and after another lovely three day weekend filled with my Grandma’s trifle and another London Olympians win, it’s back to the week, and todays Purple News.

First off the bat today, we’re looking at the ongoing situation with the new stadium. The Tribune reports that there is a bill in the mix for the new Legislature, which in a nutshell would give the go-ahead for a $791mil home for the Vikings. Some $264mil of this would have to be paid by the Vikes themselves, which I guess would come from re-morgaging Favre’s ego and hawking Bryant McKinnie to Douchebags Anonymous.

Now whilst it is very exciting that there is a bill in the mix, something that looked unlikely a couple of weeks ago, this bill it seems is very flawed. In fact, the issues with it have caused many supporters of the new stadium to come out against it. Gov. Tim Pawlenty is one of them who was very vocal about getting a new stadium organises as soon as possible. The trouble is that the money will have to come from taxes, in a state which has a huge deficit, and whilst I’m sure the stadium will bring in masses of revenue, perhaps this bill does not properly address the balance.

So expect this rather rushed bill to be stepped on at some point soon. A shame really, because I think that you can’t put a price on having an NFL Franchise in a city, but at least it shows that there are a lot people in the right places who are pushing for something to happen soon.

Away from the political side, Vikings Gab reports that we’ve given contracts to two undrafted free agents. This is very exciting indeed and I hope these two continue to show their worth and fight for a place on the team. Of course one of our biggest ever players to come through in this way was John Randle, it is too much to hope that these two end up like him?

Over at Bleacher Report, Kevin Roberts unleashes hell on SI’s Peter King for reporting that he knows a bloke who knows a bloke who knows a bloke who said that he spoke to a bloke who said that Favre told his mate who knows a bloke that he is 100% certainly going to retire. Using my bullsh*t media translator this boils down to… I need a quick buck so I’ll make some sh*t up. W*nker! Journalists really need to start behaving themselves, and stop using Fuzzy Dunlop as their source for any story that they think is going to put them on the front page. Fair enough, King tracks back on the “quote” saying Favre is always changing his mind so he’s not sure how 100% he really is, but even so, if you aren’t going to name your source, or put your money where your mouth is then just don’t write it. King just discredits himself by discarding his own “exclusive quote” under the pretence of Favre being indecisive. Until I hear it from the Silver Horse’s mouth, I’m going to keep on believing that Favre is going to come back, but under no circumstances am I just going to make up something just for the sake of a few hits.

In other news a friend of SI’s Peter King; let’s call him Snot Boogie,  told a squirrel who told my dog who told me that he is out of a job for being a spineless parasite… ohhh snaaap!

Right, that’s your lot for today! Back tomorrow with more Purple goings on! SKOL!

Weekend’s Six of the Best

My weekends are really starting to fill up at the moment, which means less time for blogging. And so from now, every Saturday I’m going to offer up my six top link of the week to stories and sites which will nourish your hunger for Vikings news.

1) Vikings Gab this week have been running very good and in-depth profiles on our latest draftees. Here’s the link to Nate Triplett (shouldn’t his name have 3 T’s in it though?), but I also recommend checking out the rest of the site to see their analysis of the other new recruits.

2) Having nearly given up on my own Favre Watch, it’s good to see others keeping up to date on the Silver Fox, including The Vikings Ship. There’s also a cracking video of the Silver Fox’s Super Bowl commercial outtakes. That man can improv better than Will Ferrell after a gallon of milk!

3) Lemke’s Lot has more analysis of our draft picks, with insight into how they will likely fit into the team. Short, sharp and to the point.

4) The ever hilarious Purple Jesus Diaries have a good review of the week, including some epic facepalm action re: Favre’s ankle and the reporting thereof.

5) Over on PFT, there’s a selection of one liners about draftees and the unsigned ones who are partaking in practice. By far the most interesting is Ryan Perrilloux, a QB with a troubled past, sent back through time to change the course of the future, for one lucky lady. Maybe I’ll call him Sherman if we sign him…

6) And finally, completely off topic, I recently discovered this British journalist called Charlie Brooker, who is a bloody genius. So here are a couple of his finest moments, as he dismantles some American TV, and praises my favourite TV show of all time, The Wire.

Pointless Preseason Predictions – Part 2

Well the sun is still shining in London and the planes are starting to take off again, though the skies are still eerily quiet. But all this travel chaos will take a back seat on my radar for this weekend as we sit down and enjoy the wonder that is the NFL Draft. With 30th pick overall, our Minnesota Vikings may not necessarily sign a franchise superstar, but we should be able to build on what is already a very strong team.

So when I wake up tomorrow morning and turn on my computer (there’s no way I’m staying up until 3am!) I’m hoping to see a wealth of headlines about our new recruits, though I might scream if “pieces” and “puzzles” are mentioned. The draft if an enigma for a British sports fan. It does not exist within the realms of sport in this country. In soccer, players are poached from youth academies when they are as young as 9 or 10, there is no college system (so they are as dumb as they are ugly), and when it comes to the top leagues, the lack of parity means that top clubs stay great for years whilst the lower down clubs remain poor and struggle to attract star players. For these reasons and many more, I love the draft, I think it keeps things relatively fair and creates a buzz for every team in the league (apart from the Raiders), and not just those with large wallets. Plus it puts to bed all those sodding mock drafts. So here’s to the Vikes personnel team (I’m looking at you Spielman), may you bring in the next generation of Purple legends!

So, for me, less than 24 hours,or everyone who’s -5hrs BST, less than that. But to fill the time until then, here’s part 2 of my 2010 season prediction, following the release of our schedule. I had us at 5-3 for the 1st 8 games, can it get better?

Wk10 @ Bores: In a word, no. We want revenge for last season, but there’s just this nagging part of me that thinks we won’t get it. Taylor will run and run, Julius Peppers will have a blinder, and whilst Cutler will be a fat lump of choad, I can sadly see losing a close one. It’s going to be cold and nasty, and Favre’s arm doesn’t tend to do well in bitter conditions. A Peterson TD and a pair of 50 yarders from Longwell will be all we get. Prediction: L ~ 13-17

Wk11 v P*ckers: Okay so now we’re pissed and the scum are coming to our place. Time to get medieval on their candy asses. The Williams wall enters steamroller mode and the linebackers play “Let’s collect Rodgers’ teeth”. On the offence Peterson runs riot, with Harvin, Berrian and the Shank each picking up scores. We have a comfortable lead, Rodgers can only piss in the wind. Prediction: W ~ 24-35

Wk12 @ Redskins: The One That Got Away Bowl maybe, but I’m never convinced by the Redskins and no amount of heavy spending is going to change my mind on them even if they are at home. Sure they are going to be better than last year, but they sucked last year and they won’t get that much better. Their pass D was pretty good so I see All Day and Harvin charging at them until they run screaming. Prediction: W ~ 34-14

Wk13 v Bills: They really suck and we’re at home. Prediction: W ~ 7-28

Wk14 v Giants: We’ve made a very good habit of beating these guys and they must be sick and tired of coming to Minneapolis to be whipping boys, there is just something about this matchup which will leave them once again leaving the State of 10,000 Lakes with their tails between their bandy legs. Eli is a little bitch who hasn’t yet found a use for the Mach3 razor Peyton got him on his 17th birthday, and their D needs a lot of work after collapsing following their miraculous Super Bowl victory. It won’t be a blowout like last year, but it’s still money in the bag. Prediction: ~ W 14-31

Wk15 v Bores: Revenge is a dish best served to Jay Cutler, because you know that lardo will eat anything covered in sprinkes. Momentum will truly be on our side as the noise of the Metrodome beats down on the Bores, and Favre will make up for missed passes in week 10. Harvin once again will star, and this will also be the week that Greg Lewis catches his one TD of the season. Prediction: ~ W 14-34

Wk16 @ Eagles: No McNabb, but I forsee the wind getting knocked out of our sails. Philly are due a beating from us but they are a dark horse as far as I am concerned this year. Kolb and Jackson will have clicked by this time and I think our tendency to take our foot off the gas towards the end of a season combined with a road game could equal a bit of misfiring. Prediction: ~ L 16-24

Wk 17 @ Lions: When the NFL said that there would be more divisional matchups to end a season, I was sure we’d get the P*ckers @ Lambeau just to feck us all off, but no, we get the Lions. Ha! No complacency like last year, no mistakes, we’ll have hopefully made the playoffs already, but may need this to secure the division so we’ll come out all guns blazing. Favre for 3 quarters and T-Jack to finish off. They’ll make it tough, but they won’t be able to stop us. Prediction: W ~ 27-10

So there you have it. It really means nothing, just my gut feelings, but despite a little doom and gloom, I think 11-5 should see us through to the playoffs, if not take the NFC North again. I’ll do another round of these in a couple of months, once we get an idea of the draft, they will probably be equally meaningless, but there you go. You read it, you can’t unread it ;)

Roll on the Draft and the new season. Skol!

Pointless Preseason Predictions – Part 1

Well last night we found out what we pretty much knew already. That we, the Vikings would be playing the season opener against the Saints as the 2010 season schedule was announced. Oh, and James Cameron is a douche!

On the surface it looks a lot tougher than last year, especially in the middle stretch, but if we have a good draft I think we can come through and win the NFC North and worse case scenario grab a wildcard. So in the time honoured tradition of pointless NFL journalism, here is my premature speculation of what will happen to the Vikes this coming season.

Wk1 @ Saints: With T-Jack under centre and Peterson guilty of tossing Jared’s wings with butter pregame and not washing his hands, we fall 14-0 down halfway through the 2nd quarter. The only thing keeping us in the game is JA69 who is still buzzing following his handbags at 10 paces bar brawl. Favre turns up in the huddle with 5 minutes to go in the 2nd, and a smug grin on his face, meaning once again we break with 12 men. Despite his presence and dashing pair of Wranglers for every member of the crowd, we can’t get back into the game. Prediction: L ~ 17-35

Wk2 v Dolphins: First home game of the season and the dome is-a-rockin’ to the sound of Pants on the Ground. Whatever clown called Chad is QB gets flattened by Ray Edwards who mistakes him for Roger Goodell, the Williams wall tames the Wildcat, and Favre rediscovers his sweet spot with Sidney Rice. Prediction: W ~ 10-28

Wk3 v Lions: The Williams’ find out the day before that their 4 game suspension will kick in immediately, and the Vikes are guilty of some complacent moments, but nothing can stop the FAIL Whale that is the Lions. Peterson picks up his first 100+ game of the season, Harvin gets 150 yards combined and Jared makes friends with the recently detached shoulder of Matthew Stafford. Prediction: W ~ 10-38

Wk4: Bye

Wk5 @ Jets: Another tough game on the road early on, and the start of a tricky run of matchups for the Purple. LT will run all over us without the Williams’ to stop him, just to rub salt in the wounds of us failing to secure his services. Favre and Peterson will have trouble finding any rhythm against, in my opinion, one of the strongest teams in the AFC. A Harvin kick return and a couple from Longwell will keep us in the game but this one is going to be tough. Prediction: L ~ 13-20

Wk6 v Cowboys: Let the punishment begin! Pregame, Shank leaves a flaming bag of turd outside the visitors locker room, and Romo draws the short straw. Favre, whose brain has nearly shutdown after fielding another gazillion “So is Romo the new Favre?” questions the week before, throws an 85 yarder to Harvin on the first play of the game. Jared Allen and Ray Edwards then re-acquaint themselves with Romo’s ribcage and our new 1st round CB picks up the fumble for a TD. Miles Austin gets the Cowboys back into it in the 2nd, and there’s some squeaky bum time when they have 3rd and goal but Leber heroically stops the advancing Tasties Choice and they settle for 3. We shut them out in the 2nd half, and patronise them by letting Kleinsasser score and then go for the 2 point conversion but take a knee and laugh in their faces. Prediction: W ~ 10-26

Wk7 @ P*ckers: Oh deary me. The final game without the Williams wall does not go well. I just have that kinda feeling. Ryan Grant has his once-a-season blinder, and Aaron Rodgers has his finger on the pulse rather than up his arse. Peterson has another fun time dropping the football despite scoring, and Darius Reynaud, it turns out, is no Chester Taylor. A 2TD Favre gets busted in the 3rd and T-Jack is called in to rescue the game. He plays surprisingly well and helps us claw back a 10 point deficit to draw level at 28-all. But they hit a FG with 30 left on the clock and then Greg Lewis drops a peach of a pass on the 10 yard line as time runs out. Prediction: L ~ 28-31

Wk8 @ Patriots: The Dynasty continues to fall as Brady throws 2 interceptions, but somehow the Pats stay in the game as we are still recovering from losing the week before, and Favre is sidelined for the first time in his career after Deanna forgot to put his Lazarus chamber on charge (but she did remember to send ESPN pictures of Favre’s sprained wrist and slighly grazed knee compete with a Ren and Stimpy Band Aid on). Darius Reynaud shows glimmers on 3rd down but it isn’t enough to make things comfortable. Harvin meanwhile is everywhere and scores twice for a slender lead. In the second half, Sidney and Berrian play hide and seek with the Pats secondary and Longwell makes sure with a FG tacked on late in the 4th. Randy Moss inevitably scores but it’s too late and Bellichik’s attempt at an onside kick winds up in row z. Prediction: 31-24

Wk9 v Cardinals: Without Warner the Cards are there for the taking, and the home crowd is baying for blood after our last couple of losses. Favre is back and has a 4 TD game, with 2 to Sidney and one to the Nard-Dawg and big Shank.  Peterson breaks a big one, while Longwell tends to his Tamagotchi. Prediction: W ~ 13-41

So there you have it. 5-3 after the first 8 games, but it really isn’t good viewing to look at our schedule in the first half of the season. Tough matchups, and it remains unclear who is going to step up and make the big plays for the team with Favre either AWOL or a granddad. Harvin will continue his fine work, but Peterson may struggle with an unknown backing him up. Berrian and Rice will be there, but their futures are in many ways linked to Favre, this is especially the case for Rice. But fear not, I have a feeling Pt2 will be a little cheerier, and that’ll be here tomorrow.

Agree / Disagree? Comment, and let me know how you see the first half of our season going.

Wk10 @ Bores:

Wk11 v P*ckers:

Wk12 @ Redskins:

Wk13 v Bills:

Wk14 v Giants:

Wk15 v Bores:

Wk16 @ Eagles:

Wk 17 @ Lions:

Bob Dylan and a Fry Up – And a dull offseason is a good one for the Vikes

Good morning to you nation, today’s post comes from a very hungover vikingbloggychap, following an impromptu night of bourbon, B55s and flaming Lamborghinis. But then I suppose the nights you don’t plan for are usually the best, and last night was a mighty good one that I’m paying for now, and no amount of Bob Dylan, full english breakfasts or clapping is going to bring me back from the bring of oblivion.

Not that I could have wished for much more from last night, but it would have been nice to have had a “moment of clarity” with regards the Vikings’ offseason. But instead all there is are murmurs of Wranglers and Tahi signing a tender. Woo bloody hoo!

It grates on you, it really does. What I wouldn’t give for one measly quarter against the Buffalo Bills, with Sage at QB and Jared Allen playing corner, but that just isn’t going to happen. The trouble is that there just isn’t anything going on.

Thankfully, our players are being relatively well behaved with the exception of McKinnie, and with our focus on the draft rather than signing experience it makes everything a little less exciting. But I also think that it is setting good foundations for the future. We are not overloading our wage budget in an uncapped year, we are concentrating on young talent, and we are moving in the right directions towards a new stadium. But it is boring, it’s bloody boring, but we gotta keep ploughing through. Hey, it’s gotta be better than having our QB plastered all over the press, or being a Cowboys fan.

Still, we can hope. Personally I’d like the Vikes to hold a summer training camp in London, trade up for a franchise QB, plug up the holes in the defence after that, and then have Pat Williams leave flaming bags of turd on Aaron Rodgers’ door step… oh to dream

So instead of another empty news update, here’s 2 of my favourite links that I’ve stumbled across this week from the legendary Adam Buxton:

Weekend on the Field – 2 Weeks ’til the Draft, bring your lunch pail

Good morning to you, people of the Purple Nation, and apologies for the rather bittish output these past couple of weeks. Basically work at work is bloody busy, and at home I’m also working my ruddy socks off doing a whole manner of wedding planning, Lost watching, and also now I’m helping out some local Football coaches by filming training ahead of the UK’s own football season which for my team, the London Olympians, kicks off on April 25th.

It’s been a real pleasure I must say to be out in the sun, camera in hand, watching Football. My understanding of the game is increasing every second, for example I know roughly know that a Strong Slot 35 Right Slant Chicken McNugget Slow Ride Take It Easy would send the running back to the local take away to pick up a kebab. And it’s also filling the void left by the Vikes, and their lack of news. On the one hand I kinda want to look at all the “news” about the push for the new stadium, but I also know that a lot of it is “news” and so won’t contain much at all of any real weight, and will only serve to get my hopes up and then frustrate me.

As will any more talk of the draft. From being something quite exciting, it’s now something which bores the living shit out of me. If we had a higher pick in round 1 then maybe it would be more interesting, but at the moment it’s like watching the crap kid get picked last for soccer practice or something.

One of the few items of interest recently has been the future of Defensive End, Ray “Romo Hunter” Edwards. Because of the lack of Collective Agreement leading to among other things an un-capped 2010, Ray, who was meant to be a UFA is now an RFA, and thus in limbo land with regards his future as a Vikings. We don’t need to improve his contract, unless someone else makes an offer for him (and I think they need to do it in this next week), then we can either match it and keep him or not and lose him. But if there is no offer he stays a Vikings. This kinda puts Ray somewhere between a rock and a hard place, but he’s elected to turn down a nice sun lounger while he waits there. There’s a good overview of the situation on the Gab this week.

In my opinion Ray does need to get a bit of a grip on himself. He’s part of a great team, and timed his career game (v Cowboys) so well that in a normal season he’d be due a big contract. But this isn’t a normal season, and his attitude could slowly burn bridges, and not just with us, but with other teams if he’s seen to throw his toys out of the pram by declaring his not going to attend the team’s workout program or Organized Team Activities. If he were to just accept his situation and get on and play, I think we’d be more inclined to make him an offer, but if he goes and acts like he’s bigger than the team, then really there is only one place he can go.

Okay, that’s it from me today. Have a good one, and he’s to something interesting happening this week. Skol!

Easter Egg Review

After enjoying a lovely Easter weekend up in the glorious Yorkshire Dales (and also Reading for a Jager/Poker fest) I return home to my computer to find that one of the big stories I’ve been following this offseason has come to a rather interesting conclusion.

Donovan “the old Tavaris” McNabb has signed, not for the Vikings, not for the Raiders, but for the Washington Redskins. Well, did not see that one coming I must say. But at least it makes the offseason of the Vikings a little clearer, in that we surely can’t be linked with any other QBs, we now just wait for Favre and get on with concentrating on the Draft.

At risk of sounding smug, I was never that convinced about the ability of McNabb to lift the team. True, if we had no Favre I’d’ve taken him over Tavaris, but now that he’s with another team, I’m not that bothered. All it can lead to now is a few irresponsible thoughts, cue the Gab

The MST also speculates that we’ve laid the running back situation to rest, promoting Darius Reynaud to RB, suggesting that we are not going to sign Westbrook, or another player to fill any gap left by Taylor.  So we now have 2 untested backs behind Peterson, the other being Albert Young, so I guess the thinking here is that we get the pair to push each other for the second spot on the depth chart, as Peterson’s place in 1st is pretty secure. Of course if AD is injured for whatever reason, having 2 untested players as backup is not so reassuring…

And like I said, with most issues within the current team addressed, we are now focussing on the draft with the management having afternoon tea with 30 prospects this week. I’m sure that MST will be keeping their eyes firmly on that, so I’ll make sure to keep you all up to date with any interesting developments.

Right, apologies for the late and short post, but a 4 day week equals a buggeringly busy day.

Mocking the Mock and Montying Monty?!?

Just what is the point of Mock Drafts? Every time I read one I end up asking myself the same question. And after reading this one I just want to hit someone, probably JP Frederick with a big “Duh!” sign. The thing is that if you are the top team, pretty much everyone knows who you are going to pick, you pick the best player, whether it’s an unpronouncable DT or a possible franchise QB you take the best player in the position you need.  But beyond about the top 5 things get cloudy as teams begin to chop and change based on their opinions of certain players and weighing that up against what they need. This always happens, so why in bloody hell do analysts bother wasting their time predicting it and writing pointless articles pointing out what fans already know?

In the article I linked to it says that if Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford, a potential superstar, was still unpicked we’d grab him in place of tightening up the defence. Well of course we’ll grab someone that good if they are still available! But that’s like asking, if someone offered you free money would you take it? Trouble is that it ain’t gonna happen! And the mock draft offered up in the article is just a waste of space, as are pretty much all of them out there which either consist of a standard list, or a cookie cutter explanation of the choice, for example:

Rnd 1 – #30 – Vikings pick: Jeff Crapinthehead, CB from Dingletown. I like Jeff, he’s big, he’s got nice hair, he listens to Justin Beiber and his mom said to my sister’s friend’s dog that he really wanted to go to play basketball for the Wizards but the Vikings need a 6’7″ tall bloke to jump up and down and wave his hands cos Winfield’s leg fell off after McKinnie took him for a night out with some diseased transvestite donkey witch (SJP). But he might be picked higher up by the Raiders who might pick this other guy who looks like John Travolta.

If I really had some spare time on my hands, I’d get the list of all 7bn players in the draft this year, and put Ndkkkkaamaamamaoo, McCoy and Bradford at the top and then pick the rest out of a hat, and I’d probably get the same amount right as most mocks out there because you just can’t predict them. Look at Percy Harvin, I saw pages out there last year that had him going to the 49ers, and Colts, that’s #7 and #28! Yeah there were some other places who got it right, and fair play but I think time is much better spent analysing the needs of a team and coming out with a nice healthy list rather than making a mock for the whole bloody league.

Phew! Sorry if that didn’t make any sense whatsoever, I just needed to let off some steam. I also am going to try to concentrate on only reading draft talk from Viking sites rather than NFL-wide places to try and get a better idea of who is available to suit our needs. I know mocks can be entertaining, but I just don’t see the point, especially when they are openly pointless, playing about with the most unlikely situations in which a team is able to pick the second-second coming (the first is All-Day).

On the side of real news, we’ve signed that Montgomery chap. He’ll be there to back up Ray Edwards but as the Gab points out, he’s one of 4 defensive ends who’s 2010 will also be a contract year, should make things interesting at least.

We’re also looking at veteran corner, Tye Hill, who is due to make his mind up about either the Vikes or the Titans today. More experience in defence should be a good thing, I wonder if it also means we are going to be less active on defence in the draft now though… maybe I should make a mock draft to reflect this.

I’ll end today with a brief ode to FAVRE WATCH which has been a little quiet of late, and today is no exception. My link today is from an article on Vikings Update, in particular point 2. Ed Thompson things the Vikes and Favre should end their silly charade, man up, admit Farve is coming back, and just say that he isn’t going to be attending the opening training camps because they are about as useful as a football to the groin, “rather than hide behind what appears to be a poorly conceived charade that opens up integrity questions for everyone involved.” Hmmmmmm….. very interesting point. I think a lot of us out there would be very happy/relieved if you are right on this one.