My Top Ten Moments of 2009 – #3 Favre to Greg Lewis

Well, it’s Saturday morning folks, and I’m filled with the delights of the West Coast, particularly a 4×2 In N Out Burger! Life is good, vacation is amazing! It has been a bit off to be away from all the NFL news, but checking in this morning, it doesn’t look like there’s been a great deal. Favre Watch became LT watch for a while, but it now looks like LT is on his way to NYJ. And the StarCaps trial has wrapped up so now we’re playing the waiting game. But other than that, there’s only really been more speculation, whether it be on the future of AP, or Ray Edwards, but the bottom line is that there really hasn’t been much. So to celebrate this feast of nothingness, here’s #3 in my Top Ten Moments of 2009 and a certain catch…

There are some moments which don’t need words to describe them. There are some moments which, no matter how many times I see them get my adrenaline flowing and endorphins rushing. There are some moments which fill me with pride and joy. This moment was all of these things.

Week 3 versus the 49ers, at home in the Metrodome was the first game this season that I got to watch. Weeks 1&2 I was either busy or unable to find a feed online to watch the game, so I sat down in to watch the 9ers game with giddy excitement. This was the first time I got to watch Brett on live in action (albeit on screen) and it was his first home game of the season, so it was sure to be a special one.

After finding a feed, the lady and I sat down to enjoy the game and have our Sunday tea. It wasn’t the most exciting game to watch. We never really dominated, and the loss of Frank Gore for the 9ers meant they focused their attack in the air, meaning we couldn’t deal with it. The game became a blur of emotion, but one moment stuck out. Thanks for more poor pass defending the 9ers were 4 up with around a minute to go. My lovely lady was inches away from turning the feed off, but I managed to stop her saying that if we’re gonna lose, I wanna see it through to the end because we still have a chance. In the plays that followed, Favre connected twice with Percy on 3rd down situations to keep the drive going, but at around their 20, we suddenly only had 12 seconds left, one play, one shot at ripping the win away from San Francisco.

Favre in the shotgun dropped deep, but the rush was on. He unbelievably turned away from a certain sack as he rolled to his right, and then flung the pig skin into the air…. silence…. a long silence….. and then suddenly, despite being tightly covered, someone in Purple pulled the ball out of the sky and got his feet down. “It’s caught! It’s Greg Lewis! TOUCHDOWN!” bellowed Paul Allen (not that I heard this at the time). My fiancĂ©e and I both began yelling in our little living room, jumping up and down, whooping for joy! A moment of football perfection, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. A perfect throw, a perfect catch, at the perfect time. Years from now, I will still be able to watch this clip and a smile will beam across my face. This moment was just perfect!

Well I hope that roused a little Purple Pride in y’all. I’ll be back real soon, probably with #2, but you never know….

Monday Morning Vikings News – Playing the Waiting Game

Good morning Viking Clan! It’s a beautiful spring morning here in London, and I’ve just about recovered from a very, very long weekend. It’s a good thing too, cos the next 3 or so weeks are going to be utter chaos. Crazy busy this week, and then I’m off to see my future sister-in-law get married so I’ll be updating from California for a fortnight. Still, it’s all fun and games, till someone loses an eye, then it’s just fun…

Why am I telling you this? Well it’s probably going to take its toll on the blog and the amount of time I have to write it each morning. There will probably be less commentary and more links to Vikings news (unless you prefer my ramblings, in which case speak now and I’ll cut down on my scouring for news items and just talk up the main points). I’m also going to try to throw in some more polls and encourage you lot to comment amongst one another about the state of our team by bringing up a few contentious points, and I’ll conclude my Top 10 of 2009 series too.

So all that to look forward to, I’ll make sure I do my best to keep going every day though. The first item of business today is the return of WR Greg Lewis. The former free agent re-joins us for another year, to beef up our receivers, and I’m sure we’re all hoping for another San Francisco moment in 2010. So that’s 1 UFA down, and Chester Taylor to go. In the slightly adapted words of Paul Allen “GREG LEWIS, WELCOME BACK TO MINNESOTA!”

In other news Judd Zulgad reports from the Combine on our QB Scouting and some talk on overtime changes. And in the Pioneer Press, there are a couple of interesting stories, the first concerning the Williams’ lawsuit after the pair waived the right to a jury trial over whether the NFL violated MN state law, and the second reporting on the Vikings apparent ignorance when it came to knowing the extent of Harvin’s migraine issues. We are also apparently sending in the A-Team to lobby like crazy for a new stadium.

For today’s FAVRE WATCH, we join Ol’ Chilly Beard. Brad says he happy to give Favre time (apparently to pave his ma-in-law’s driveway), but I’m more inclined to agree with a lot of the Vikings blogs out there who are beginning to worry about this softly-softly approach. Some sort of time-frame needs to be laid out, otherwise we could be left out in the cold for a long time not knowing what direction the team is going in, and as much as I want Favre to come back, I don’t want another will he/won’t he fiasco to play out as I don’t believe it will be constructive for the team as they begin to prepare for next season.

Right, on with crazy week #1! Back tomorrow!