Friday Morning Roundup – It’s Vikings Appreciation Day, Peterson talks about dropping it, Fran is not a fan, and Paul Allen is in therapy…

Maybe it’s because I’m 6’5″ and hovering around 215lbs, but I just can’t seem to sit in the average cinema seat for any longer than 90 minutes any more. Not great when you’re trying to watch Avatar.

Yes, it’s Friday people, and I’m nursing a numb bum! But thankfully there’s plenty of Purple goodness out there today so it should take my mind off the dull ache in my behindus. And thanks to the Mayor of Minneapolis, it’s not just any old Friday, it’s Vikings Appreciation Day!! Huzzah! so get your purple out, get your gold out, and wear it with pride people! And here’s a little bit of retro pride just cos I’m feeling generous!

The object of much of our Purple Pride, Adrian “Purple Jesus”  Peterson was has been interview by ESPN follow Sunday’s game. There’s some pretty standard stuff about us not “crossing all our T’s and dotting all our I’s” during the Saints game, and the usual replies about Favre’s return, but more interesting is the question about his issues with fumbling:

“No, it’s not [anything] that really concerns me at all. It’s something I look forward to working on more during the offseason. Especially with my running style, how I run so aggressive. The majority of time guys are hitting at the ball instead of trying to hit me. That’s something that I’m just more aware of now and I’ll do a better job coming into [next season].”

Now, I know this guy can walk on water, and is still one of our key offensive weapons, but after a sub-par season both in terms of yards and fumbles, this is something he needs to work on. My knee jerk reaction to this quote, was that All Day was being a bit casual about the fumbling saying that it’s not something that concerns him. But in another interview with Sean Jensen of the Sun Times, Peterson certainly seemed more determined to work on the problem:

“Guys would rather hit the ball than tackle me. I put it on myself. That comes with the way I run. It’s something I’m going to focus on, as far as switch it up a little bit, and carry it higher, or what not. But there’s some things I’m going to correct.”

Now that’s more like it, especially after Chilly stood up and took responsibility for the 12th man, and Favre admitted he should have run it. If the team can acknowledge their weaknesses, then they can be addressed properly. Peterson, it goes without saying, is a key player for us, perhaps the most important player in the future of the franchise, and if he can correct his holding, then he could be one of the greatest! Let’s hope the offseason is kind to him.

Speaking of the offseason, I had the honour of having our awesome OT, Bryant McKinnie, reply to one of my tweets yesterday. On what he’s looking forward to doing during the offseason he replied: “@vikingsukblog getting n the best shape of my life. I start with my nutritionist on Monday.” Well good luck to you sir. It’s great to see that he’s already looking forward to next season, and if the rest of the team can stay that positive, then I think we’ll be ready and raring to go in September.

Now, I’m sure you’ve all heard Paul Allen’s radio call of Favre’s interception pass, well the great man was on the phone to a psychotherapists to try and ease the pain of the loss on his KFAN radio show yesterday. The rage is still very much there, and it’s a very entertaining listen, which could also help your own recovery after the loss. Paul Allen’s Therapy Session can be downloaded here or you can stream it here.

In other news there’s some stadium news today, sadly not on a new one, but instead on the Vikings’ management sitting down with the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission to see how to get as much out of the Metrodome for the 2 years remaining on the lease.

Also, all the NFC Champions clothing that was made for the Vikings in the event that we beat the Saints is going to Haiti.

The Star Tribune has a good article about the Vikings’ lesser known rookies who featured this year, Jasper Brinkley, Asher Allen and Jamarca Stanford. The experience they gained this season should give them a good foundation for their careers, and they all put in solid performances when they were called on, so they should be future stars for the team.

And that’s it for Friday. All that’s left is… FAVRE WATCH!!!

The Vikings’ legendary Quarterback, Fran Tarkenton, who was very anti-Favre at the start of the season, has labelled his intercepted pass on Sunday night as a “stupid play” during an interview with Philadelphia Radio.

ESPN agree, placing that pass at the top of their 10 worst playoff passes. In fact the Silver Fox dominates the rankings, taking the top 3 spots! We still love you though Brett!

Aaron Rodgers says the press should “give [Favre Watch] a rest for a while. You don’t need to do an update every day.” Well I think Aaron should fornicate himself with a rusty bread knife, but that’s never going to happen. Why don’t you just go back to fumbling in overtime you total gimptard? (aaahhh, now I feel better)

The Favre situation seem to have affected Sage Rosenfels much. In an interview with The Associated Press, he said that he hasn’t even considered requesting a trade.