Super Bowl Sunday, and John Randle is honoured, Cris Carter still isn’t, Sapp’s in trouble, and a glimpse into the mind of Favre fans

Good morning Vikings’ fans. I have approx 10 minutes to write this blog today so it’s straight down to business!

And we start with a giant huzzah for John Randle. One of our legendary linemen of the 1990s has been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame! Randle was of course part of one of the greatest ever Vikings’ sides, and I’m not going to remind you of what happened to them, but sufficed to say, he was one of our finest and deserves every honour coming his way.

Rather puzzlingly however, our Wide Receiver from the same era, Cris Carter has been pipped at the post for the third consecutive year. All we can hope is that next year will finally be his, because he was a the life and soul of our offence during the later 90s.

In other news, Warren Sapp is in trouble with the po po, and has apparently been questioned in relation to a domestic violence case. Hopefully Bryant McKinnie won’t be standing in as his attorney.

CBS Sports have a brief end of season report on the Vikings. Of particular note are the stats around Chester Taylor, who is approaching free agency, and should be a priority for us to resign…

And finally, a faster than a speeding bullet edition of FAVRE WATCH

And today there’s an insight into the psychology of Favre fans, and why we just can’t seem to get enough of the Silver Fox.

And Charlie Walters reckons we need to hear from Favre soon. He thinks we could/should know by March 1st… so watch this space.

And that’s it for today. I’m going to enjoy a Super Bowl free Sunday.