About Vikings UK

I am one of the few but priveliged Minnesota Vikings’ fans living in the glorious United Kingdom. From my tower here in London, I will be bringing you daily updates of all things Viking. Whether it be news, gossip, articles or good old fashioned rants, I’ll be here spreading the word.

I started following the Vikings around 4 years ago. Before then I had a small interest in Football, and actually supported another purple team, the Bodymore Ravens. Then I met the woman who is now my fiancee. She was brought up a die hard Vikings’ fan by her Dad, so there really wasn’t another team I could follow. Plus in return I got to take her to Arsenal soccer matches. Really it was a win-win.

Since then I’ve grown more and more attached to the mighty Vikings, and last year even got to attend my first game as we hosted and toasted the Ravens. I love the spirit of the team, and I love the passion of the fans who have had to deal with more heartache than I could have imagined.

Following our loss to the Saints in the NFC Championship last season, my bond with the team was sealed. We may have lost, and lost in the most heartbreaking way, but my link to the team was still there and stronger than ever. And so I decided to start writing a daily news blog about the team, not just so I could keep as close to the Vikings (especially during the usually quiet offseasons), but also so other fans can, whether they be hardened followers, or newcomers to the game who have also heard the call of the mighty Gjallarhorn.



4 Responses to “About Vikings UK”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I’ve only read a few posts, but I already love the blog! You’ve got a good sense of humor that any Vikings fan can relate to. Keep it up!

  2. PJD Says:

    Hey, you should list some contact info somewhere here so I can email you sometime.

  3. Jen Antila Says:

    We tailgate with Geoff who flies over from the UK for every home game! SKOL!

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