Tuesday morning roundup – Left to wonder what could have been…

Good morning Vikings’ fans. I know I’m not the first to say this, but… Wow, we would have destroyed the Colts in the Super Bowl if we were there. I know I touched on this yesterday, but having seen a large part of the Super Bowl last night over a bowl of chicken wings, well…

What could have been… Isn’t that just our lot in life as a Vike? And there are so many out there who are wallowing in similarly depressing thoughts. I think my favourite so far is from Gonzo @  The Daily Norseman. It is very true that we had a successful season, some might even say a very successful season, but as Gonzo points out, this matters not because we have been there before. We’ve had successful seasons like this one, but they’ve all ended the same way, disappointment because we haven’t reached the promised land. And there is so much injustice in this considering that we’re one of the most successful teams in the league, but are still trailing behind teams like the Bucks! It really does feel like a kick in the gooch!

Moving onto the news for the day, and the bookies make the Colts favourite for 2011, whilst we are 12/1 according to Bodog. Whilst I feel our odds are fair(ish) (we’re the same as the Peckers and Ladyboys), they could go up or down depending on whether Favre stays for another year, but either way I honestly think we are in with a good shot next year. The Colts are going to be hungover from the SB loss, and the Saints could well become caught up in all the hysteria surrounding their win (don’t get me wrong, what happened to NO is a tragedy, I wouldn’t wish it on anywhere and I’m glad they have something to cheer about at last, but the media are making the SB win out to be a miracle cure for the city, which in my opinion just amounts to lazy journalism, but I digress). In the AFC I fancy the Jets to make it all the way this time, though the Ravens could well be a bit of a dark horse. And in the NFC, we are definitely up there, but (and it pains me to say it) the Packers could well make a charge late on, along with the Saints. So what have we learned? Don’t make pre-season predictions a couple of days after the Super Bowl.

On Vikings Gab, they have an article speculating that Big Pat is coming back. He may be nearly as old as Favre, but Pat Williams in a mammoth of a man, who seals our defensive line with a combination of brute strength and sheer width. He said after the loss to the Saints that he was 50/50 to retire which was a concern, but if he does return it will be a massive boost for the team. So our message is “Come home Pat!”

In the LA Times, Sam Farmer rated our game vs the 49ers and the win @ Lambeau as the 9th and 10th top games of the season respectively. Yup, both cracking games, both sure to be remembered for some time. Sadly the 1st and 2nd best games are of course the Saints wins in the SB and NFC Champ…  so that sucks.

Sammy Sucu wrote an off season wish list for the Vikings’ . It’s hard to disagree with any of these points, and it reaffirms the belief of the majority of Vikings’ fans that we need Favre to come back for another year.

Okay folk, you know what time it is… FAVRE WATCH! Today with added beard.

Okay so maybe I lied about the beard, but instead there’s an extra helping of speculation and opinion.

Charley Walters reckons we need to hear from Favre by March 5th.

 And ESPN’s Andy Schefter thinks Favre will come back.

Cor blimey guvnor! A rather spiffingly empty Favre Watch if ever I saw one. But that’s the joy of the lottery. Sometimes there be gems, sometimes there be cat litter. Skol!


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